Oh, the translations!

A lot of progress has been made but sometimes we remain a little frustrated because even if we don’t really understand Korean we now manage to understand a few words and we realize that live translation has its limits.

We thought we heard about France during this FanLive but only Netherlands had been translated.

To be sure and because we felt that small pieces were missing from this translation, we had this Live transcribed into English, because even if this video is online on Kim Hyun Joong’s Official website (LIVE SECTION ) , all everyone does not speak English.

Here is the translation in French and in Portuguese and a slightly more complete one in English (sorry to the gentleman who made the translation of the original video; we realize that it is very difficult to translate live the words of 5 people)

During the edition we realized some small typos but we translated and edited it as is for lack of time,

…and yes, Kim Hyun Joong had talked about coming to France! 馃グ