Stage nameKim Hyun Joong
Birth nameGim Hyeon Jung (with Gim being his surname)
Birth date6 June 1986
Star signGemini (curious, passionate, open, independent, good with words and full of ideas)

Chinese zodiac signTiger (energetic, adventurous, independent, inventive, generous, restless and impulsive)
Place of birthSeoul
NationalitySouth Korean
StudiesHan Yang Gong Uhb high school and Kyonggi University, which he left to enrol at Chungwoon University in 2011 (stage management and production studies). In 2012, he enrolled at Kongju Communication Arts (KCAU) to study applied music.
Eye colourDark Brown (may also be blue lagoon -Haze period-)
Hair colourDark brown (and, depending on mood, grey, white, mahogany or blond)
Blood typeType B
Marital statusMarried
Career21-month compulsory military service from May 2015 to February 2017. Posted to the 30th patrol division, based in the demilitarised zone between South and North Korea. Promoted to the rank of sergeant before being discharged.
Languages spokenKorean, Japanese and English
LikesSwimming, diving, fishing, football (he was on the FC MEN team along with a number of other celebrities), golf and ...good food.
Immediate familyParents, a brother one year older than him called Kim Young Joong, a nephew.
Two sons (one born in September 2015 during his military service and the last one in September 2022).
FriendsLee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Joon (T-Max), who he met while filming the Boys Over Flowers series. Childhood friends: T.O.P. (Big Bang), Kim JaeJoong (they house-shared for a while) & Park Yoochun (JYT and TVXQ).
PetsTwo border collies, ART (female) and MATIC (male)
PersonalityMellow, shy, respectful, an icon with a 'four-dimensional personality' (funny and a little quirky), an Epicurean.
Talents/SkillsModel, actor, singer, TV presenter, voice-over artist (dubbing), songwriter, composer, dancer, guitarist (highly skilled) and producer.
Fan Club nameHENECIA, founded in May 2011: the name is a combination of the 'H' from his own name, and the term 'benecia', which means 'blessed' in Latin. The logo is an alien.
BandGemini Band provides the backing music on tour : Bitna, Seohyun, Myeongil, Junhyung, and Eunchong.
Agencies/LabelsDSP Media, his first agency (he was spotted for his physique). KeyEast, his second agency (up until early 2020). Henecia Inc/Henecia Music, since 2019 (his own labels).
Various facts What follows is the transcript of an article published in the year 2009 entitled “History of the childhood of KIM HYUN JOONG – interview with his mother”.

We do not know if it is an exact version or partial, romanticized information, but we’ve found this story so cute that we decided to share it here.

KIM HYUN JOONG began to walk at very young at the age of 9 months. Before that, although he could sit, he was not able to crawl on all fours and his parents were very worried.

KIM HYUN JOONG often got lost when his parents took him for walks in the park. The first time they panicked, but the following times they knew where to look for him...the place where musicians performed on the stage.

KIM HYUN JOONG was excellent in school and his parents never imagined that he would become an artist. He began to show his multiple talents as early as nursery school. He began to speak and count very early but he was especially interested in mathematics, drawing, singing, dancing and games. He learned to recognized words very quickly, while his one year older brother was less quick.

On the weekends his parents often took him fishing. Becoming an adult, as his mother would say, every time he felt oppressed by his work he would go fishing alone.

In primary school, he became his class’s representative. He would wake-up very early (6 o’clock in the morning, even before his little alarm clock would ring) to meticulously and independently take care of things he had to do.

He often won gold medals in mathematics and art competitions. He easily obtained the Hanja level 3 certificate that even older students had difficulty achieving.

His teachers congratulated him and would say that he was a quick learner and that he would have no problem getting admitted to the University of Seoul. His parents thought he would have a great career but not as an artist.

It was in his third year of secondary school that he decided to tell his family that he wanted to become an artist.

His father did not agree but decided to offer him a guitar so that he would not be absorbed only in his studies. His guitar teacher said he was very talented and that he learned in three months what would have taken someone else 3 year to learn, he advised his father to allow him to develop his artistic talents.

Papa obviously did not agree but KIM HYUN JOONG formed a group anyway, while working part time and producing on the stage.

Some neighbors told his parents: “we saw your son delivering chicken”. That is how his family found out that he was working in a fried chicken restaurant.

KIM HYUN JOONG was enrolled in an “artistic” high school as his parents wanted but he dropped-out of the school after a year.

His parents were not pleased and told him he must be responsible for his choices. They only gave him 10,000 wons (8 USD) per month.

His parents’ business activity (fashion company) was impacted by the financial crisis at the time. It was hard working nearly non-stop but after her work, his mother would often go to the restaurant where her son worked to see him for an hour before returning home.

In winter his mother waited-up very late in the evening looking for him from the window and would not go to bed until she saw him arriving in snow up to his knees. She would always turn off the lights to pretend that she was sleeping.

KIM HYUN JOONG then became in intern singer and only returned home when he had time off. He often came home hungry on the bus and most of the time he didn’t have enough money to pay for the bus and had to walk.

Despite that, he never asked his parents for money and he has a strong bond with his family. When his elder brother was studying in America and wanted to quit the university due to the high cost of tuition, KIM HYUN JOONG gave his brother a book and said “read it”. When his brother opened the novel to read it he found 300 million wons hidden in it. His brother called his father and told him he looked all over the check and couldn’t believe its amount. The family had difficulty believing that as an intern singer KIM HYUN JOONG could save so much money.

KIM HYUN JOONG admitted on a show broadcast on KBS2TV that once he was at the top of his class he began to work very early. “From the first day I wore a school uniform I focused all of my energy on working rather than studying and I work almost as much as an adult. With my spending money and part time salary, I think I put aside around 1 billion Krw”.

After he was enrolled in the University of Kjonggi his parents never worried about him again but always advised: “Please pray before doing something”.

When his elder brother went into the army, KIM HYUN JOONG told his parents that he would take care of them in the future.

His parents hoped he would become what he wanted to be, a singer, but they also wanted him to become responsible and have his own family.
Other character traitsKim Hyun Joong seen by himself
(Extract of the answers to a “MBTI” and a “Kkondae” test in June 2020)

- When he is under pressure, he tends to remain calm in such a way as to keep cool and quickly resolve the problems and tension.

- Does not easily initiate a conversation himself; he rarely speaks first.

- Often does things out of pure curiosity. Tends to want to try anything new.

- Does not like to be the center of attention

- Is capable of doing things on the spur of the moment without planning in advance (for example traveling).
- For some things he often prefers improvising over planning.

- Can change his mood rapidly.

- Likes truth in a discussion. Seeking the truth is more important to him than the fear of hurting the feelings of a person he’s discussing with.

- Is concerned about the way his acts may affect others.

- Is often envious of others. There are too many people that he would like to resemble.

- Hates parties/social demonstrations that involve role playing or costumes.

- Often spends time exploring ideas that intrigue him.

- Has never fired anyone in his company

- Listening to his heart is the most important when it comes to making decisions, even if logic also has its importance.

- It’s always better to plan for tasks, rather than “let things come”, that enables us to avoid being late accomplishing the things we have to do.

- If a friend is worried, he prefers to give him/her realistic advice rather than let him/her complain in his/her pitiful state. He will say to him/her: You will not die, it is a difficult time to get through now but your life will be better later.

- Finds that books are “a very boring thing”.

- Thinks that being able to keep plans that were previously made is the most important thing to any project.

- Is often lost in his thoughts when he walks in nature. His mind is often overwhelmed to explore ideas and plans.

- As a parent, prefers to see his child grow up being nice rather than intelligent.

- Think that reality and dreams are very different.

- Fears new situations. Is afraid of strangers. Does not easily or quickly bond with new people he meets.

- Has no difficulty preparing a personal agenda and respecting it. On the contrary, it’s his specialty. For example, loves to always be on time.

- Thinks everyone’s opinion should be respected. Loves the diversity of opinions and human dignity. Respects the tastes and personality of others.

- Tends to be exhausted when he spends time with many people.

- Always counts more on his experience that his imagination.

- In a room full of people prefers to stay in a corner rather than be exposed in the middle of the room. Doesn’t like to take part in meetings with a lot of people.

- Thinks things must be done within the planned deadlines. Doesn’t like to dither. When he realizes that he doesn’t have the time to do all he planned...he gets back harder to work.

- Loves to work in a group and have the feeling of belonging (even if he has to wear the same t-shirt as the whole group)

- Thinks that the formation and solidarity within groups is very important.

- Loves the recognition from people around him but also feels that he must be satisfied himself with what he accomplishes

- Isn’t concerned with how much it may cost him if something benefits the team.

- Thinks it is important to achieve a group objective, but also to grow individually.

- Loves to spend a lot of free time alone.

- Prefers to resolve problems by himself rather than listen to the opinion of the others. “His ears are blocked” in certain situations. Doesn’t like people that harass him with their opinion. When there is a problem he wants to judge for himself.

- Is very concerned with details and always draws-up detailed plans before starting a project.

- Even if he loves doing projects, he often tends to make decisions and spontaneously act depending on his mood.

- Loves to spend time imagining surreal situations but that he finds interesting.

- Doesn’t think the established rules are always important. Sometimes it is preferable to take into considerations individual circumstances. Down with the rules! If we always follow the rules we will not take the initiative. You have to break the rules in order to move ahead.

- If there is a problem, you have to choose the plausible/achievable solution, rather than idealize an improbable/unrealistic way.

- Prefers to listen to the opinion of others rather than express his own in first.

- When there is a problem prefers to resolve it promptly, rather than progressively rack his brain afterwards.

- Hates to quarrel or argue with others, always tries to avoid situations of conflict by agreeing with the opinion of other if possible.

- If someone does something bad, he cares about the feelings of the person in question, but doesn’t react making detours. Tends to give advice to people even when it doesn’t concern him.

- Respects the opinions and preferences of others and never finds others’ advice useless.

- Thinks you mustn’t privilege tradition over modernity. Hates traditional methods.

- Often feels limited when he bumps into people who don't think like him.

- Thinks that if someone is envious of him or what he have, this person only has to make the same efforts as him to obtain it.

- Prefers open discussions rather than try to lead people to agree with choices made in advance.

Concluded following these two Internet tests by :
"I don’t think a computer can judge a person - you have to judge people with your heart"

Top Charts / Philanthropy :Chart Classifications:

- Kim Hyun Joong released his first video clip “Please” at the end of May 2011. This song is taken the title by Drew “Take one To know one”. With this song, he became the only solo Korean singer to sell 100,000 copies of a single in only two weeks.

- In June 2011, over 70,000 copies of the album Break Down were pre-ordered and sold in less than 10 Days. This album was also the best -selling on “Gaon Album Chart” of 2011 albums in South Korea.

- Later that same year, his second album “Lucky” was ranked No. 5 on Billboard World’s Chart, in addition to having been the 10th best album of the year in South Korea with over 100,000 copies sold.

- Kim Hyun Joong was the first solo Korean artist to have a platinum-selling album with “Break Down” (Warner Music Taiwan) and “Tonight” (RIA-Japan).

In Japan - 2012 was his best year:
- In January, Kim Hyun Joong released his first single in Japanese “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy”, which went “gold”.

- In May of the same year, 16,000 copies of the DVD of his concert “First Impact” were sold in the first week after its release, climbing to the top of “Oricon DVD Chart”.

- It was the first time a South Korean artist took first place in this classification in Japan and the second time for a foreign artist.

- Later that same year, Kim Hyun Joong released his second Japanese single (from his album Heat). This album took third place among the best-selling albums in July, selling 196,850 copies, giving him his second and consecutive “gold certification”.

- In December of 2012 Kim Hyun Joong released his album Unlimited, for the first time entirely in Japanese. This one made it to the Top of the “Oricon Daily Chart” and took third place on the “Weekly Chart”.

- This is Love on september 2019, was topped the Oricon rock singles for the weekend of september 16 to september 23 and 7th on the Oricon combined single charts.


Kim Hyun Joong has a generous side that he is too modest to show and that is often unknown:
- He gave 50,000 USD to the Korean Red Cross in 2011
- He has often given part of his artists’ fees to organizations, such as Welfare Society and associations helping children.
- In March 2011, he gave 150 Million KWR following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan.
- He gave 10 million KWR to the foundation created in his name by his fans to provide university entry grants to young people.
- He gave 50 million KWR to the Association of Senior Citizens living alone and continues to make donation to this association.
- He donated the profits of his first solo concert to an orphanage in the Fukushima prefecture.
- He took part in the Hang Ten “Save Earth” campaign.
- In 2013 he donated 100 million KWR to “One Foundation” for the victims of the earthquake in China (Lushan)
- More recently, in 2019 during the Bio-Rhythm tour he donated 9.7 million KWR in aid to the Sumakee Learning Thai student Center
- He participated in the purchasing of food to aid animals in a Korean zoo during the lockdown

Others :
- In 2010 Kim Hyun Joong was invited by the Organization of the 16th Guangzhou Asiatic Games as representative of South Korea, to sing with three other singers the song “Sunshine Again” in the opening ceremony. HERE (thank you to Piuman Kwong)
AnnéeDescriptionAdvertising / Modeling
2005ELITE  (school uniforms) (SS501)Advertising / Modeling
2005SAMSUNG ANYCALL (mobile phone)Advertising / Modeling
2006LOTTE SOLEM (ice cream)Advertising / Modeling
2006MIGHTY MAC (clothing) (SS501)Advertising / Modeling
2006TONY MOLY (cosmetics)Advertising / Modeling
2006Fashion show for stylist André KimAdvertising / Modeling
2007LEVI’S JEANS (SS501)Advertising / Modeling
2009ANJO YUMEN (noodles)Advertising / Modeling
2009CONVERSE (sneakers)Advertising / Modeling
2009HOTSUN CHICKEN (Korean chicken chain)Advertising / Modeling
2009MVIO (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2009DYNAMIC KIN and COCA COLA (drinks)Advertising / Modeling
2009SAMSUNG ANYCALL HEPTIC POP-MISSION (mobiles)Advertising / Modeling
2009LE COQ SPORTIF (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2009COUPANG (shopping center)Advertising / Modeling
2009THE FACE SHOP (cosmetics -–brand Ambassador)Advertising / Modeling
2010SEOUL FASHION WEEK for stylist Han Sang Hyuk (MVIO)Advertising / Modeling
2010I'M DAVID (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2010BASIC HOUSE (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2010SAMSUNG CARD (credit card)Advertising / Modeling
2011LOTTE DUTY FREE SHOP  (duty free shop )Advertising / Modeling
2011HANG TEN (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2011AEON Co ., Ltd (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2012CENTER POLE (clothing)Advertising / Modeling
2012SLIM BEAUTY HOUSE Co, Ltd. (beauty salon)Advertising / Modeling
2008Honoraryu Ambassador of EvangelionOther activities
2009Honorary Ambassador of Korean Tourism OrganizationOther activities
2012Honorary Ambassador for United Nations - Korean Campaign on contributions to social WelfareOther activities
2009Honorary Ambassador of Hawaii TourismOther activities
YearAlbums & singlesType
2015Best Off
2011Break Down
2005 à 2011Singer and leader - SS501
2012Heat (Jp)
2014His Habit
2014Hot Sun
2013Kim Hyun Joong Greatest Hits Collection
2012Kiss Kiss - Lucky Guy
2011Lucky Guy
2011Marry Me - Marry You
2020Moon, Sun and Your Song (Jp)
2019New Way
2013Round 3
2018Take My Hand
2008Thank you
2012Unlimited (Jp)
2018Wait For Me
2014Living Because/ I'm AliveOST Drama City Conquest
20131sagainOST Drama Common Story
2011One WomanOST Drama Closer to Heaven
2009Because I'm StupidOST Drama Boys Over Flowers
2014When Today PassesOST Drama Inspiring Generation
2012If you are Like meOST Drama The Wedding Scheme
2018Just For My LoveOST Drama When Time Stopped
2010Thing called HappinessOST Drama Boys Over Flowers
2015You and MeOST Drama Second 20s
2020This is Love (JP)OST Final Theme Drama TBS TV "Hiruobi" JP
2020Pure Love (JP)OST overture Drama Abema TV "One page of Love"
2010One More TimeOST Drama Playful Kiss
2010Making a Lover (SS501)OST Drama Boys Over Flowers
2009Album Samsung Anycall Heptic MissionOST2 – PLAY
2009Album Samsung Anycall Heptic MissionOST1– N4 Rolling Callin Darling
2008Movie His Book Page 198 – LookingOST
2008We TogetherOST KBS drama Strongest ChilWoo
2009Inerasable LoveOST SBS Drama Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
2006Fly AwayOst SBS Animation Koong ya
2009What is HappinessKBS F4 Special Edition
2005She.. Laughed By 2SHAIMusic Video
2005Can Love Be RefilledDramaWilliam HJ Lee
2005Non Stop Show MBC TVTV ShowHimself
2006Black Glasses By EruMusic VideoHimself
2006 (nov) - 2007 (march)MBC Show Music Central MCTV ShowHimself
2007Hotelier (with SS501)TV ShowHimself
2008We got Married Show MBCTV ShowHimself
2008Spotlight (with SS501)TV ShowHimself
2009Ready OK by T-MaxMusic VideoHimself
2009Boys Over Flowers SBSDramaYoon Ji Hoo
2009M-net F4 AFTER STORYTV ShowHimself
2009Boys After Flowers : F4 After StoryMusical DramaHimself
2010A Guy Thing By GummyMusic VideoHimself
2010Playful KissDramaBaek Seung-go
2010Playful Kiss Special Edition YoutubeDrama (mini)Baek Seung-go
2010Cheburashka & FriendsAnimated filmVoice dubbing (source ImDB)
2011Dream High KBSDramaGuest episode 1
2012Dream High 2 KBSDramaGuest episode 2
2012City ConquestDramaBaek Mir
2013Barefoot FriendsTV ShowHimself
2013Moshi Monsters : The Movie ( Katsuma's voice)Animated filmVoice dubbing (source ImDB)
2014Inspiring GenerationDramaShin Jung-Tae
2018When Time StoppedDramaMonn Joon Wo
AnnéeAwards /Nominations
2005MBC Music Awards - Best New Artist (ss501)
2005SBS Music Awards - Best New Artist & Most Popular Artist (voted by Netizen)
2005M.NET and KM Music Festival New Group and Best New Music Video Award
2006M.NET and KM Music Festival - best Artist in Dance category
2008MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards - Spécial Price best brand
2008MBC Broadcast Entertainement Ceremonie Best Couple Awards - "We Got Married"
2008MTV My Style Award in Thailand
20085the Asia Song Festival - MostPopular Artist in Asia
200822th Golden Disk Award - Top 10 Best Artists
200945th BaekSang Arts Awards - The Best 10 New Artist
20092ème Korea Junior Star Awards -Division TV Drama - Award (Boys Over Flowers) Newcomer
20094rd Seoul International Drama Awards - Best Actor
200945ème Baeksang Arts Awards -Most Popular Actor T- Boys Over Flowers
2009Seoul International Drama Awards - Popular Actor Boys Over Flowers
20092nd Style Icon Awards - Most popular Icon
2009White Gold Disk Award -Thailand
2009Asias Top Buzz Korean - Male Artist (online Taiwanese vote) and Top buzz Group in Yahoo Asia Buzz
2009Yahoo ! Asia Buzz Award - Korea's Top Buzz- Male Artist
2009Yahoo ! Asia Buzz Award - Taiwan Top Buzz- Male Artist
20104ème Mnet 20's Choice Award Most Influental Star
2010 Sky Japon Perfect Tv Awards - Best Dresser
2010 3ème Style Icon Awards - Popularity Award
2010 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards  Hong Kong - Best Korean Artist in Asia
2010Taiwan TOP Buzz Korean Artist (online votes Korea, taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia)
2010The best 3rd searched Asia Buzz Award 2010
2010 29th MBC Acting Grand Prize - Male Populatity Prize (Playful kiss)
2011MTN (Bloomberg TV) Best CF Model
20115th Style Icon Awards Kia Soul - People Choice Award
2011Mnet Asian Music Award - Best Male Solo Artist - Break down
2011Yahoo ! Asia Buzz Awards - Asia's Top Buzz Solo Artist
2011K-Pop Buzz - Prix Isuto - Artiste solo
2011Net citizens best research Hong Kong and taiwan Solo Artist
2011Net citizens best research korean net citizens Solo Artist
2011-2012America All K-POP Award - Best Male Artist Solo
2012Zaika Nippo - Star of the year 2011 Cat. Hallyu Star
20129ème Asia Song festival Awards - Best Asian Artist Award
20129ème Asia Song festival Awards - Best Artist - South Korea
2012Yahoo Buzz Awards - Taiwans's Top Buzz Solo Artist
2012Yahoo Buzz Awards - Hong Kong's Top Buzz Solo Artist
2012Yahoo Buzz Awards - Asia's Top Buzz Solo Artist
2012Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards -Most Popular Artist of the Decade Meilleur Artiste populaire de la décade
2012Miguhui Awards China Mobile Music Award  - Most Popular singer Overseas
2012Tower Record's K-Pop Lovers - Single Saesand (Grand Prize) Heat
2012Mnet k-Pop idol Championship - Gold Medal
201248th Paeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor Price
20125ème Okinawa International Film Festival Creators Factory - Best Actor Award for Lucky Guy MV
201310th Music Award Korea Hallyu - best male artist solo
2013Korean Entertainment Awards in Japan - Male artist solo
2013Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards - Most Searched Korean Artist
2014Most Popular Actor and Outstanding Male Actor -Inspiring Generation - nominations.
2014Yahoo ! Asia Buzz Awards - Most Searched Asian Artist
2006 - 2010Various concerts and performances with the band SS501 (South Korea, Japan,
China, etc.)
31-MarchMeeting with 4,000 fans to mark the end of the Boys over Flowers series and express his gratitude to fans.
This meeting was free (Olympic Hall Seoul).
22-Oct.Meeting with 2,000 fans to mark the end of the Playful Kiss series, free meeting for 2,000 fans that took place at the Dome Art Hall in Seoul.
27-Sept.First solo concert in Tokyo after changing agents. Two concerts the same day, for a total of 6,200 fans.
03-MayOsaka - 6,000 admissions
02-Aug.Tokyo 10,000 admissions
2011FAN MEETINGS ASIA TOUR (without concerts)
14-25 Aug.Meetings with fans as part of a commercial brand representation deal. 14/8 Taiwan, 19/08 Singapore, 20/08 Malaysia, 23/08 Thailand et 25/08 Philippines.
9-23 Nov.Japanese tour in eight cities: Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka 35,000 admissions.
21-Feb.Mini concert and meeting with 11,000 fans at the Jamsil Stadium.
05-Feb.Concert at the Yokohama Arena - 20,000 fans
4-7 JulySurprise concert to promote the Heat mini album in Japan. 2,000 fans in Odaiba and Nagoya.
14-15 Julyin Saitama, Japan - 70,000 fans
4 May - 29 July Meetings with over 106,000 fans during mini concerts. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China (4 cities) and Thailand
6 Jan. - 25 March Tour in 11 Japanese cities: Kobe, Saitama, Nagoya, Shizuoka, Miyagi, Kagawa, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, Hokkaido and Hiroshima. Over 100,000 admissions
24-Feb.Mini concert in São Paulo during an event held in celebration of 50 years of Korean immigration to Brazil.
25-Feb.Lima - Two-hour fan meeting concert. An intimate performance with limited capacity. 5,000 fans
04-JuneTonight album release - event in Tokyo - 10,000 fans
05-JuneK POP FESTIVAL 2013 Live in Kumamoto (appearance)
06-JuneBirthday concert in Seoul (Hwajung Gymn.) Following Lotte fan meeting - 6,000 fans
20-21 Oct.Makuhari (Chiba), Japan - 20,000 admissions.
26 July - 7 Sept.World tour initially planned with concerts scheduled in 11 cities in seven different countries. Thailand (Bangkok), Japan (Yokohama, Osaka, Hiroshima), China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing) and Peru. Changes were made to the tour following personal difficulties (Beijing and Mexico were cancelled).
31-MayYokohama, Japan
29-JulyBeijing, China
05-Aug.Osaka, Japan
27 Jan. - 20 Feb. Ten dates were initially planned. The tour was a massive success, and additional dates were subsequently added, for a total of 15 concerts in 11 Japanese cities (100,000 admissions).
3 June - 26 JulyTour following military discharge. 21 performances in 19 Japanese cities.
Cities: Shizouka, Osaka, Aichi, Miyagi, Niigata, Saitama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kanagawa, Kagawa, Oita, Hokkaido, Iwata, Chiba, Tochigi, Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya, Hyogo
29-AprilMeeting with fans and mini concerts after 21 months of military service.
2017-20182018 WORLD TOUR "HAZE"
2 Dec. - 5 MayThis world tour kicked off on 02/12/2017 in Seoul and ran until May 2018, for a total of 10 concerts in Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Macao.
13 dates in 12 Japanese cities.
27 Sept. - 1st Nov. 27/09 - Chiba, 7/10 - Fukuoka, 10/10 - Hyogo, 12/10 - Tokyo, 14/10 -Aichi, 17/10 - Miyagi, 20/10 - Shizuoka, 22/10 - Osaka, 24/10 - Shiga, 26/10 - Kagawa, 28/10 -Tokyo, 30/10 - Sitama, 01/11 - Horoshima
20192019 "NEW WAY " - CONCERTS South Korea
9-10 Feb.Seoul Blue Square Market Hall
23-Feb.Busan KBS Hall
21&22 Aug. Osaka, Japan
07-Sept. Hong Kong (cancelled due to political conflicts)
18-19 Sept.Tokyo, Japan
12-13 Oct.Mexico
25-26 Oct.Osaka - Special THE SYMPHONY performance. Special performance staged with a philharmonic orchestra.
The "KIM HYUN JOONG 2019 WORLD TOUR "BIO-RHYTHM" world tour relaunched, having kicked off in Osaka on 21 August.
15-16 Nov.Seoul
25-Jan.Manila – Philippines
Total tour admissions : 47.000
20192019 CHRISTMAS Fan Meeting: Christ Joongs
11-12 Dec.Japan - special guest - 10,000 fans
The Japanese tour initially scheduled for 21 dates shortened due to Covid-19 restrictions.
01-02 Feb.Tokyo
11-12 Feb.Saitama