Distancing measures, or just safety measures…

Everything is forgotten when your favourite star is around, approaching you and you want to express him your admiration.

The images of Kim Hyun Joong’s arrival in Mexico scare us, and we know that maybe we shouldn’t, but we can’t help it.

We are a far cry from the discipline of Japanese fans perfectly lined up to greet their “Lida”.


Someone had the good idea to provide security  and they lived up to it , but the situation must have given the official bodyguard a cold sweat.

Then one can always say that, after all, if Kim Hyun Joong had wanted to, he could certainly have left the airport through a small back door, without being seen or known.

But a  bath of crowd doesn’t hurt, and maybe it’s his way of thanking people who won’t be able to attend his concert, and who have waited so long that they couldn’t help but let their enthusiasm explode.


But, guys, is this reasonable?

Kim Hyun Joong would probably have seen everyone better from afar, and everyone would have seen him better too, right?






What about you?

What kind of supporter are you?

The invasive one, who doesn’t know how to respect the personal space of the artist and who, after being invited to share his daily life on the net, doesn’t know the difference and thinks he is part of his circle of close friends?

The one who, when he meets “someone famous”, gives a little sideways glance and turns his head away so as not to disturb?





What would you be like if you had the opportunity to bump into Kim Hyun Joong in the street?

Would you grab him by the sleeve to get his attention?

To take him somewhere?

To where?

To your home?