This week after his return from the Philippines, we saw a message from Kim Hyun Joong with a recent photo in uniform and older souvenir photos with his fellow soldiers.

Of course, we know that a reservist is a citizen with a military background who can reinforce the active armed forces and be called upon in times of peace as well as in times of conflict.

We might as well tell you that in areas of permanent instability and depending on the mental state of certain “heads of state”, you can, while you are peacefully living your life with your family, be called up from one day to the next to defend your country.

Depending on the country, the commitment for a more or less long period of reserve can be voluntary or mandatory.

While you are a reservist, in some countries you are required to spend a few days each year in the army, either for community service or to pursue military “refresher” training.

We searched, but did not find any text about the status of a reservist in South Korea, except that South Korea is one of the states with the largest number of military reservists in the world (the second with 3.1 million reservists after Vietnam which has 5 million).

Kim Hyun Joong tells us that he has just been discharged in his message, so we assume that the period of service, which varies between 21 and 24 months depending on the regiment, continues until it reaches six years in total.


After I was discharged, I came back after receiving my 6th year of training with the Army Reserve.
When I think about it, I was wondering when I would get out…
It was a series of days of waiting, but looking back on my past military life, I thought it wasn’t so bad.
The tears that inexplicably flowed before the first vacation arrived….
And many friends who came to visit me while I was busy, and the relationships we had; we relied on each other in difficult circumstances…
It’s a period I will miss.



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