In French we say  ” have another sound of the bell”  that means have a different version of a story.

His own, by the interested party himself, without falling into pathos or self-pity.


Here is as promised the last part of the translation of the MBN Entertainment show in English and French.

These are three extracts which are added to the first two put online on December 10th.

They allow us to have Kim Hyun Joong’s version of a past which he would like to turn the page for good but which unfortunately some people will always continue to remind him of whenever everything seems to be going well for him.

Again, to have beautiful images you have to watch the original videos on the MBE ENTERTAINMENT channel which broadcast them in pieces (PLAYLIST HERE)

The banners in Korean have not been translated because they are too tedious to do and because a screen with letters in all directions already has the gift of annoying us prodigiously in normal times, if in addition we add a simultaneous translation of subtitles, the whole thing would have been completely unreadable.

Sorry if we missed any important information.

Five translated excerpts, not quite in the order of the original broadcast…

(To see the subtitles you must press and go to Youtube )






Reminder of the translation of the pink ribbons of the farewell room:


Mostly fan posts.

A star busy with a world tour.
Always take care of your health and sing.
Promise you’ll be with us until your black hair falls out.
It’s like a dream that I can enjoy your live concert.
When we are tired and weary, we are happy to have your voice.
My angel who is brighter than flowers.
I will always cheer you on from afar.
I’ve been a fan since childhood.
My star, Kim Hyunjoong, stay strong!
I’m always happy to be your fan.
Thank you for being with us.
It’s great to see that you enjoy your music.
I can also feel this joy.
We are still together, even though we are thousands of miles apart.
A measure of the song always puts us on the same wavelength, more than a hundred words.
I will always be there for you whether you are happy or sad.
I will encourage you.
Hello Guardian Eun Jiwon.
I hope for a bright future for Hyunjoong.
Hello Guardian Yujin.
Let’s go to Billboard!
Hello, Guardian Hwang Jaesung.

Henecia will now be your white linen and your wind.

The moment when Hyunjoong watches a video on the screen.

A boy born in Seoul on June 6, 1986.
This eccentric and playful child becomes a shining star of Hallyu wherever he goes.
Although there were times when he took the longest route, he takes a bold step for those who have waited for him.