For all Henecia Colombia fans:

For the realization of any event, the government of colombia demands that different legal requirements are fulfilled, among them, permits and policies. For the event that was scheduled for October 2 in the city of BOGOTÁ, we had all the permits, but at the last minute the organization realized that the governmental entity that issues the policy made a mistake when indicating the place of the event, so the Mayor’s Office did not allow it to take place according to the file SUGA202222SG663 denied by resolution DJ-1135. This extracontractual civil liability policy takes at least one working day to file an appeal against it, so that, although we tried to solve until the last minute, it was not possible to find a positive response from this entity, nor a solution to the error that they themselves had made.

Due to this, it was decided to postpone the event for October 8, however it is not possible to hold it on this date, because by government regulation, the mayor’s office requires 9 working days for the verification of permits, which were verified for the previous date, but not for this new date. That is to say, as dictated by the rules of the Ministry of Culture and the virtual window of the single system of management of agglomerations, we do not have enough time to approve the event on October 8.

In conclusion, we inform you that the event of 10/2,10/8 (at the Royal Center) has been cancelled.

Henecia de Colombia, we sincerely apologize.

We promise to return to Colombia for our next future event.

For more information on how to proceed with the cancellation and ticket refund, please visit the purchase page (https://www.passline.com) and check with Redyes.

Thank you.