No, Kim Hyun Joong did not suddenly decide to come to Paris,  it’s a slightly misleading header image, sorry, but we found this background prettier than that of the original photo and by dint of taking our desires for realities maybe one day, you never know…


We came by here to remind you that for a week Kim Hyun Joong has uploaded the video clip “ Hello My Daddy” on his official Youtube channel.

We do not know if it is the ” weight of words” or “the shock of images ” according to the slogan of a famous magazine, but a song in the middle of the three others of  MY SUN (part 2/ 3) album, unveiled a week earlier, which seemed to attract only the attention of some, suddenly took on a lot of importance.

Our little finger tells us that the video probably wasn’t meant to go out this fast, but someone was very reactive, and that’s fine.

This music video doesn’t show us stunning landscapes of Korea, nor  glamorous images of a pretty-looking artist.

The beautiful characters ( illustrations by Baek Ji Won ) are not even animated, and yet, it is probably one of the most beautiful videos if not the most beautiful on the official channel by what it represents, because in a matter of  just a few minutes, a whole life is unveiled to us with great decency.

It’s beautiful ! It’s even magnificent.


So why aren’t the views on this video taking off after a week?

We have a good dozen answers to this question, but we decided not to say unpleasant things unnecessarily that we might regret later…
(😈or not…)





We share with you the French and English translation of the MBN Ent show to understand a little better the lyrics and images of this clip (which don’t only speak to us  about pets guys!!!! Watch until the end for once!!!!!).

The captions in Korean are not translated for more visibility (and because it was very tedious.)
Only the pink ribbons of the video have been translated, the texts are at the end of this page.

To have a good quality of images it is obviously necessary to watch the channel of the chain MBN directly (playlist at the end).

👉👉👉INTRODUCTION translated




We will download a last part of this program translated later.







Pink Ribbons Translation – Mostly Fan Posts.

A star busy with a world tour.
Always take care of your health and sing.
Promise you’ll be with us
until your black hair falls out.
It’s like a dream that I can enjoy your live concert.
When we are tired and weary, we are happy to have your voice.
My angel who is brighter than flowers.
I will always cheer you on from afar.
I’ve been a fan since childhood.
My star, Kim Hyunjoong, stay strong!
I’m always happy to be your fan.
Thank you for being with us.
It’s great to see that you enjoy your music.
I can also feel this joy.
We are still together, even though we are thousands of miles apart.
A measure of the song always puts us on the same wavelength, more than a hundred words.
I will always be there for you whether you are happy or sad.
I will encourage you.
Hello Guardian Eun Jiwon.
I hope for a bright future for Hyunjoong.
Hello Guardian Yujin.
Let’s go to Billboard!
Hello, Guardian Hwang Jaesung.

Henecia will now be your white linen and your wind.

The moment when Hyunjoong watches a video on the screen.

A boy born in Seoul on June 6, 1986.
This eccentric and playful child becomes a shining star of Hallyu wherever he goes.
Although there were times when he took the longest route, he takes a bold step for those who have waited for him.




Personally we want to add two Korean proverbs to these messages:

🌿Even a sheet of paper is lighter if carried by two people.

🌿The wind has no hands, yet it shakes the trees.
바람은손이없으나 나무를흔든다.