Just a clarification for those who didn’t understand why we announced the possibility of buying tickets for the next show last week and now see a ticket “opening” announcement again.

There were some small malfunctions for the purchase of “face-to-face” concert tickets.
Announcements that would have been made before the reservation system was not fully developed, which somewhat “penalized” members of the Korean fan club who are supposed to be able to acquire tickets before “non-members”, this is one of the benefits of membership.

Everything seems to be back to normal and we know that some lucky people even managed to buy this ticket online last week.

This time the concert, as we have already indicated, will be transmitted by TICKETLINK directly, instead of MYMUSICTASTE.

So, we cross, very very very strongly all the fingers so that it works.

Not that we’d mind seeing yet another shattered fourth gig, but because we’ve already seen comments like:

  • it doesn’t work
  • they wanted to please Europe and now it’s the rest of the planet that can’t attend the concert
  • it’s the fault of the European fans ” (yes, we saw it black on white…)

Well, it’s not that we feel concerned by the comments (maybe, all the same a little), but we would like that the one who is so charitable towards the others, tries to assist if only once to a concert as we have attended three since July of last year.

Then we can talk together.


In short, we don’t want to argue, we just want to ask everyone to go into any church and put a candle to the Blessed Virgin so that everything works properly.

It doesn’t matter what your religion is!

Go anyway (if you can find an open one which has become rare these days)

When it comes to miracles, we are not sectarian, and never too many… we need everyone’s goodwill!