Over the last couple of days, the thin line between an artist’s private and public life has once again been called into question.


Most of the time we have great qualms about relaying images that we consider to be part of private life, even if they come from ‘official’ sources.

Normally, we like an artist for what he shows us about his work and not for his personal life, even if we are aware that seeing him in a different light also allows us to discover him in a different way, making it more human most of the time.

But by posting and re-posting everything and anything, after a while people stop realising that they’re overstepping the bounds of propriety.

We often see supposedly stolen images that turn out to be cleverly orchestrated leaks, but that’s certainly not the case with the ones we’re questioning today, because we understand that anything to do with the family is a too sensitive subject to play around with.

We understand that the intention is not necessarily bad in the beginning, just an unfortunate habit that we can no longer realise before we reach the point of lamentable excesses.

We really don’t understand what goes on in the mind of someone who claims to be an artitist’s  friend or fan, then like a paparazzo, starts relaying very personal images that we all know in good conscience shouldn’t be broadcast, not just because we were asked not to from the outset, but because it’s an obvious question of common sense.


Is it a silly race for subscribers and likes?

And we’re not talking here about people who lack imagination, whose daily routine is to post extracts of uncredited content belonging to others on their accounts, preferably with racy headlines, and whose savings they don’t have are spent on buying comments and followers on a regular basis.

We’re talking about people whose brains  are normally well constituted, who generally show a little discernment and even intelligence above the average of those we come across most of the time.

We’re disappointed by this, but we’re not surprised, it’s just that we still don’t understand.

Why go off the rails like this?

Why this rush to relay images of intimate events that fall outside the professional sphere?

Why pretend to be unaware that the public dissemination of content relating to a child’s private life requires the agreement of both parents?
Could we at least take the trouble to blur out the faces of minors in all this outpouring of compliments?

It’s not too late to realise that breaches of privacy through the dissemination of stolen images are long-lasting and can cause long-term damage, if only through excessive exposure to the judgement and comments of third parties, whose trace will remain on the net for years to come.

Under the false pretext of letting others know how happy you are for them, do you have the right to throw away such important moments of their private life?

Can’t we be happy for them in another way?

Kim Hyun Joong is a public figure, while his family and most of his friends are not.


He doesn’t have to devote all his time to providing us with beautiful images and content on a regular basis, and yet he does.
Unlike the majority of singers who release an album and let it live while they promote it, prepare their tours or devote themselves to their families and future creations.

He probably won’t mind if we use his own page images to talk about his activities.

He doesn’t need the “tabloid press  to talk about him, he needs people to appreciate his WORK and his efforts.


People in search of fame should stop using events in other people’s private lives for their own ends.

… and avoid calling themselves friends or fans.


There’s a new world tour coming up, which probably hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice, so let’s talk about that!