What a pitiful finding!

Regularly we try to do detoxification cures but the addiction is really tenacious and alas, we relapse miserably.

The therapy of cutting the thread fails  in a deplorable way every time.

We are nevertheless very proud of our efforts to resist temptation, and those who continue to visit us will notice that we manage to space out our presence here.

One of the reasons why we are somewhat fed up from time to time and which makes us question ourselves more and more often about the usefulness of spending our time imagining and putting content online is that we are becoming more and more susceptible, and if we don’t stop definitively we will very soon end up becoming too embittered ‘supporters’, saying very unpleasant things, and finally going the other way of the initial goal, if however we ever had a “goal”, that of seeing Kim Hyun Joong in concert  here, something he has no immediate intention of doing.

As we write this, we’re not sure we’ll put it online today, just to not react hotly, not to get carried away too quickly and to avoid going head first.

But, putting black on white what is bubbling in your head (and elsewhere) makes it possible to clarify many things.
All the reverse of what we are used to doing.

It sounds strange.
Isn’t it better to burst out of anger for a brief moment  and then put things into perspective rather than reasoning with oneself and keeping to yourself what you want to say?

If you see this “post” it will certainly mean that we turned our tongue ten times in our mouth (and turned our fingers ten times above the keyboard), that we took a step back, and that we finally came to the conclusion that there are far more serious and important things in life.

Anyway, when we previously wrote that we didn’t have much time left to moderate comments on Youtube, we were thinking of comments from people who systematically impersonate Kim Hyun Joong every time new content is posted.

Those who abuse the naivety of some other “newcomers”.
Those that anyone who uploads content knows they should systematically clean up and report.

We didn’t think we had to moderate comments from Kim Hyun Joong’s own fans, because after all, when you don’t like something on a “channel” you don’t have to subscribe or return to it, and you can also let off steam cheerfully on the little thumbs down.

Normally this would not have bothered us, on the contrary, dialogue and freedom of expression we are for, 200%.
Opinions contrary to ours, we like that, they allow us to question ourselves, they at least show that one have not ignored you and  have taken a little bit of interest in what you done.

Hundreds of comments, including the less sympathetic ones, have always been left on Youtube even if they are not currently visible, and we can assure you that we have read them all one by one for three years.

It must be said that we have never considered that the 99.99% of the messages that are written there were intended for us, we can also tell that the only fact for us to hang a little heart of approval from time to time as it should, makes us feel like intruders, even imposters impersonating someone else, and that to be honest, right now we don’t feel no no longer entitled to erase them and move on to something else as we should.

We’re not justifying ourselves or seeking anyone’s approval, it’s just that situations that used to amuse us don’t amuse us as much anymore and we have a hard time accepting them now.

Because someone who kindly advises us to “focus on Kim Hyun Joong’s music” doesn’t make us smile much anymore.

Because being told, take care of talking about his music  instead of talking about his image , also poses us  a hell of a problem, because the two go together and make him what he represents for each of us.

Because it is increasingly difficult to accept being told that we are not doing enough.

If we had just intended to talk about the pretty face of Mr. Hyun Joong or his social contacts, we would not have created three years ago and maintained, with great pleasure it must be said, a site which has so far cost us the equivalent of the price of an apartment; site that we find it very difficult to abandon after all the time we have devoted to it.

We would have opened yet another free Facebook page, and we would have satisfied ourselves with re-re-reposting the content of others, and the pictures of golf rounds of people who have absolutely no interest for us or for what we wanted to defend at the beginning.

This is in no way a criticism for the hundreds of existing Facebook accounts, each person does as they can and with their means.
All evidence of interest in an artist helps to make it known, but one must honestly note that the majority of what we see often lacks imagination, and that most “owners” are so lacking out of curiosity that they do not carry out any research on their own and just serve as relays.

Surely we have probably not yet fully understood neither the meaning nor the purpose of a SOCIAL NETWORK and that after all, we will probably  also end up relaying the same photo or the same information to do like everyone else .


But we digress from today’s message…

the one that consists in understanding that an artist makes choices and like any normal human being he will certainly not choose to do something if he considers that it can harm him.

To think that “Kim Hyun Joong feels embarrassed and does not appreciate” a promotional image that he and his teams have chosen to highlight the release of one of his musical works, is insulting to him, is insulting to the person who took the picture and is insulting to the people who find the image in question splendid.



To finish more lightly, we wanted to warn you that  the Sisterhood of the Guardians of the Temple’s Gate  is not dissolved despite what one might think, please be careful to follow the correct proprieties:

Let it be said once and for all!




Also be more careful when you decide to follow an artist because:

✔ if you don’t like androgynous people
✔ if you don’t like guys who dye their hair
✔ if you don’t like boys who wear pearl necklaces
✔ if you think it’s inappropriate for a boy to wear lipstick

and a bunch of others ifs that we don’t have time to detail…






While we’re at it, we’d also like to say that Kim Hyun Joong was frankly wrong to make this movie.
What’s the movie title again?
Boys Over Flowers?





… and we fear that posing like this for a photo with a flowery umbrella will turn him into …a eunuch?!!!. 🤔





(😈 Could someone please warn immediatly  his wife?)