Did you see the photo above posted by Kim Hyun Joong? Take a good look at it.

Kim Hyun Joong will visit us the day we manage to fill such a beautiful hall with those thousands of little green lights.

He said he would go anywhere even if there were only 2 fans?

Sorry to report that his banker strongly disagrees with this plan.

The most economical solution would be for him to come alone with his guitar, but then we’re the ones who won’t agree because we also want to see our favorite drummer. 🥰


Message for the cheap, miserly, stingy banker:
Please, would a very small concert of one guitar with a drum be possible? 🤗





If you’re a Twitter follower there are English transcriptions of parts of the concert coming in via Japanese fans.

Here are some of Kika @kikakhj that we thank:



[Yokohama Day-2]
I think it is very heartening to be able to meet someone I respect & love so much [About Mr. Oshio].
I’ll be the kind of person who can give you strength and dreams through music.
I will never let go of your hands, so I want u to hold my hand tight and follow me.”



[Yokohama Day-2]
“I feel very happy.
I want this happiness to continue forever.
I may feel very empty tonight.
When such a big happiness disappears in front of me, a big emptiness will come.
If I had a USB to store this emotion, I want to preserve this emotion now.”




[Yokohama Day-2]

“Are you all happy?
If you are happy, I am twice, three or four times happier than you.”



[Yokohama Day-2]

When I was a child, I didn’t study at all, and had a lot of troubles, but loved music, and I’ve been doing it for a long time.
I’m truly grateful to have met such wonderful people who share the same dream&to have been able to continue it together for a long time.



[Yokohama Day-2]
“As I lay in bed after taking a shower last night, I thought to myself, “You have protected me up to now, so now it’s time for me to protect you all.
I want to live my entire life, devoting myself to you all, giving back, and I’m sure GEMINI feel the same way.”


[Yokohama Day-2]
“I think music is a very magical thing.
It’s something that connects people, faster than exchanging words&faster than ♡to♡communication.
By listening to music u can respect someone or open your heart as a musician.I feel music is truly the universal language.”


Mr. Oshio was at the venue
“This is”re:wind”that u can only hear today at this venue.
There’s a song called “Wind Song” that connected me w/Mr.Oshio.
That winter wind blew to me again&became the song”re:wind”.
I think it connected us&led us to where we are today.”




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