You’ve obviously already heard about this tour, which is intended to be as the last one, a WORLDWIDE tour.

For the moment we have no precise information on the list of countries being visited, and as you’ve probably read, we’ll need to stay ‘tuned’ for news soon.

On the other hand, on the Latin American continent there is already a flurry of activity.

A “K-POP production and promotion” company based in Bogotá, Colombia, is apparently in charge of organising the Latin American tour and is currently holding a referendum to decide in which cities – and we did say cities – Kim Hyun Joong should perform his concerts from 5 to 26 November 2023!

You read it correctly.
The guy who forgot to sign the concert permit last time in Colombia and left fans sleeping on the pavement for two days and two nights, had better not forget anything this time, because they’re calling in local experts to make sure everything goes like clockwork this time.

On the other hand, the method is innovative.
First we give the date of the tour, then we do an amazing DEMOCRATIC poll using a form, and then we announce in which countries the concerts will take place.

Well, the Colombians are probably already sure that they’ll have a concert in their country, all they need is the guy holding the pen to avoid announcing that he hasn’t had his authorisation signed an hour before the concert starts.


We’re voting for Brazil.

Because we’re sure that this country, rich in musicians of a diversity that Kim Hyun Joong won’t find anywhere else, where the mix of American, European and African cultures, as well as the kindness and joie de vivre of the people, will make his stay an unforgettable one.
(His previous stay there was so quick that he probably didn’t have time to fully appreciate it).

And this is only a question of justice, giving other countries in the region that are waiting a chance, instead of always visiting the same ones, would be more humane than doing surveys, but the power of numbers does matter and it’s impossible to visit everyone, right?


Still, there are two questions worth asking:

🎈Is it better for an artist to announce tour dates in July for November, i.e. three months in advance, having apparently not yet decided on venues, with a process that may make fans think the decision is up to them, but will give them time to prepare in advance?


🎈Is it better for an artist to choose the dates, cities and venues first, and wait until the very last moment to make an official confirmation announcement, at the risk of finding himself with half-empty venues?


If we had to choose, we’d go for the first approach, even if it seems completely unprecedented and implausible.