We were promised that Kim Hyun Joong’s official Youtube channel would be a bit at rest until the beginning of April, but today we had a very nice surprise when we saw a new clearer presentation, and an update with a whole music video for the song BINGGLE BINGGLE.

However, you have to look for it in the VIDEOS section (recent) because they have chosen not to place it in the first place of the Playlist of the Home page and we can’t see it at first.

First feelings?

Very 60s which seems normal because it is the period related in the history of the song.

Then, we have the feeling that whoever made this clip had fun putting together all the esoteric, astrological and lithotherapy symbols of his fertile imagination.

But maybe after all, it should only be seen as the putting into images of the very personal vision of the one who composed the piece and who explained it to us during the presentation of the album last February:

“Binggle Binggle,”

We wonder what kind of feeling this song inspires…

I talk about Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz,

It took them months to get to the Moon.聽

I thought: it’s impossible that they didn’t have disagreements and disputes during the trip

Even when you find yourself on the path to realizing your dreams.

I’m sure they had friction and misunderstandings.

I imagined that the captain, Collins, and Buzz were having a drink at the time, and I wanted to show you their discussion, in a humorous tone.

Something like, “Even when you’re chasing a dream and that dream is right in front of you, things aren’t perfect.

That’s why I find it a funny and psychedelic way of saying that the world goes round and round, time goes from one side to the other, and finally everything returns in its place “



Look at this music video, it’s unlike any other, and quite unexpectedly it made us think of The Alan Parsons Project and their song Eye in The Sky.

Nothing to do with the subject, and we’re drifting a bit, because we wanted to discuss something else, even if discuss is a very big word, because we don’t dialogue much here and we very often find ourselves having to monologue with ourselves馃

But, as we still and fortunately have access to some statistics, we know that there are some who take the time to visit us and read us, otherwise we might think we are all alone.馃槳

We would only be left with those who try to break into the system 馃槇

Moreover, we warn you again, if someone wants to sell you photos of Kim Hyun Joong, with or without a t-shirt, in a bathing suit or in his shower, beware because obviously he is just a pale incarnation of the original person.

But the subject is not that either.

We wanted to tell you about an interesting comment left by someone on the official channel.

Yes, in addition to the comments of our “channel” we like to read the comments left under the video clips of the official channel, just to understand and not to find ourselves in the shoes of a little sheep gently following a herd.

So, in the midst of all the overflowing love, sorry it’s a little ironic but the overflow of love demonstrations have always left us skeptical; it’s our fault we take it and we assure you that we are making efforts to heal ourselves….

In short, we were therefore sailing amid the comments of the “MY SUN” video clip and a red wave of love and a few shouting matches (some are disappointed with the scores of the clip three weeks after it was put online and let them know), when we noticed a comment that made us wonder.

He says this:

I also love his voice and his singing, but I’m disappointed, I’m sorry to say, but this song is long overdue, 6 years! I’m not a hater by any means, I really like his music, I love him enough to be honest in my beliefs.



Finally someone who dares to speak her mind without being afraid of being lynched…


Although we considered this to be the sentiment of someone who loves the artist very much and feels that he kind of lost 6 years of his life before arriving at this album, we wondered if these six years were not essential for him to travel the path that brought him here?

Six years ago, when he was the man to beat at a press conference, would he have had the courage to defend his work as he did on March 6 in front of a room full of journalists?

Need we remind that it was only just over a year ago that we saw an artist who was able to gather all his courage to look everyone straight in the eye (including his fans!) and say to them: this is what I am, do you accept it or not, it will be like that and I will not change to please you?

Could he have simply been able, six years ago, when the choices weren’t entirely up to him, to write and release an album of songs with such intimate lyrics like those on My Sun album?

Shouldn’t you must acquired a certain maturity and experience to produce an album like this and defend it in concert? And we are not only thinking of Kim Hyun Joong but also of his co-writers and co-composers.

It was six years perhaps, but they were not wasted; 聽the “right time” always being when you feel ready.

Six years ago they certainly weren’t ready to make such an album, and we don’t think either that we would have been ready to give it the same reception at that time as today.