Kim Hyun Joong has been very busy at the start of this weekend which has just ended.

Autograph sessions, video calls with fans…

Once again we have a very nice video of 별빛현중 [starlight] on Youtube, which you will find below.

There are no subtitles but 별빛현중 took the time to do a summary.

We used an automatic translator and all we can say is that the result looks a bit like gibberish, but it still allows us to get the meaning of what was said, and very importantly , we have learned that it is not because Kim Hyun Joong is no longer making announcements about the next concert venues that he is not negotiating to continue his tour.

As what one dreams of is not necessarily always achievable, it is actually wiser not to commit to announcing tours in countries where in the end he might not be able to go for reasons beyond his control.

For once we are going  let ourselves be lulled by his voice, watch his pretty lips move behind this microphone, notice that his eyes are a little tired, and say to ourselves that this weekend Mr. Hyun Joong has subscribed to the brand “Comme des Garçons”.

The dress style has evolved and become more elegant since Japan.
Thanks to whoever advised him to stop hiding his body behind clothes that were practical but three times his size.

(😈You have just read the perfectly useless “flash fashion” section which may be of interest for some…)

For something much more useful and interesting,  the next tour dates 😊, we’ll have to wait a little longer…


Here is the translation 😑


“I said we’ll do it slowly, but I think it’s over quickly.
But when you go up, you talk a little faster.
They say today’s style is good, so s please take lots of pics from today
I need to refer to it too^^
I was going to get a haircut next week but I have to think about it
. sticking with this hairstyle and another style until Manila.
A lot of fans are asking where the next gig is.
I’m still in a contract phase that I can’t say without thinking, and there’s a lot of things that I’m pretty sure.
But I don’t want to hurt you because ofanother language error.
I’ll let you know when it’s decided.
Looking at such a young friend reminds me of the good old days.
Once upon a time, baby Hyunjoong fighting!
I was surprised that he had already become like me.

But one day he will follow his mother and that is what will happen.
To do this, save the music that your friends are listening to nowadays and don’t fall behind.
I think I need to study more musically.
I think this My Sun album has all the stories Kim Hyun-Joong can tell about turning 37.
As I said earlier in the showcase, in the future I will finish music with this album in the first act of my life.
I’m going to dig deeper into my second act and try some funnier, simpler music.
So on YouTube, which starts on April 5, you can see what Kim Hyun-Joong is up to.
And in the case of trending these days, YouTube couldn’t watch the tense episodes.
So I’ll do my best to do my best for you, not my song.
How about this song that Kim Hyun-Joong sings? We will make this content. Wait for me impatiently.
Thank you very much for coming today.
Tomorrow is Monday.
There are people going to the airport and it starts in a week, so be careful on Monday.
I will also rest at home tomorrow.
Pay attention to it does not matter.
If you see me later, it’s not the second episode today
There are people who meet on video calls.
Return carefully.
^^Thank you.
Return carefully.
Good job~👋”


Here is the video thanks to  별빛현중 [starlight] 🙆‍♀️




Here is another vidéo from HOLLIS HYUN with a long transcript.