Have we found our Kim Hyun Joong?

The one who oscillates between the heart of a rocker and a romantic troubadour.

In any case, he has matured well and now fully assumes all his roles without unspoken; that of a public artist but also the private side of a father.

The one-hour presentation of this album is online on the official Youtube chanel (with – some – English subtitles).

And what a presentation!

He knows his subject, always at ease and never disconcerted by the little unexpected…

It’s that he knows the job this Gentleman,  and we may know it, we are still surprised every time he intervenes live.


Below is the translation of the lyrics of MY SUN helped by the translator Papago from the Korean text presented under the video.

It surely lacks subtleties that an automatic translator cannot transcribe, and it is really very very unfortunate that subtitles, at least in English, are not added at this launch.

We hope to have them in the album which at first presentation seems to us quite original as only Korean artists still continue to know how to do it.

The list of contributors to the creation of the work is also listed in the comments at the bottom of the video; be sure to check it out.

As he explained to us, MY SUN is a song made up of three choruses, dedicated to three different recipients: his son, his father and his fans and relatives, who come together harmoniously to make it a little gem of sweetness.



Sun, I’m here.
Do you remember the old hill?
The little boy on the hill supports life and the desperate love of the world.
I realize that love is not easier to receive than to give.
If he lacks affection, there will be scarcity and he will always be alone due to a lack of faith.
sun sun sun sun
sun sun sun sun


I will always be there when the world is struggling.
I will always protect you, even if darkness comes or sadness comes.
The more love you give, the more happiness comes to you.
The more grateful you are, the more you lower your head and the more you open your wings in the world.
sun sun sun sun


Sun, do you remember our other memory?
Your great love gave me the courage to fight against the world and now.
I will wipe away your tears because it will rain as much as I have been loved.
I will smoke hope and sing forever.
sun sun sun sun
sun sun sun sun


I heard this echo, and the angels told me that the most important
This moon, the sun and the song for you is our new path, paradise, now I will protect you.
Sun sun my sun





For those who missed the presentation, it is also online — chat included —: