Album signing sessions and video-calls again all weekend.

Kim Hyun Joong says it himself, these are the kind of events that fans appreciate, and although we don’t quite understand why musicians impose themselves this kind of activity which was perhaps justified in the time when everything was not connected, but a little less nowadays because everyone is live, is in constant contact, in concert everywhere, and connected to the whole world via social networks.

But the fact of being in direct contact with his fans is certainly more intimate than a performance in a concert hall and must provide a different pleasure from that of a show.

In any case, Kim Hyun Joong did not one but four sessions in all, over two weekends, and these were apparently the last sessions for the moment.

We realize by seeing the videos that circulate, that many lucky people come back to each of these four more “local” sessions.
Did they go so far as to buy and ask a signature of  four copies of the album My Sun? 🤔

The short telephone discussions that followed seem very useful in order not to lose contact with the fans abroad.
They allow to reach fans located all over the world.

As Kim Hyun Joong has decided to take up English, we may seriously consider registering for the next session just to listen to his charming accent even if it is only for a few frustrating seconds. .


Obviously these sessions allowed us to glean a few bits of information, which someone quite sympathetic thought of transcribing and translating, and even if everything is never as complete as a face-to-face listening, we have a general orientation of what was said.


So here is for the signing day of Saturday 01.04.2023: 

“Since I made music and became a singer, this is my 3rd studio album.
What I felt when I released my 3rd full album was
There are not many singers who release a full album nowadays.
But I have released up to 3 full albums and not ordinary music, but non-dominant music in Korea,
I thought to myself because of the fans, I will sing 13 songs.
I can put them in a album and promote it.

I believe that I have been working as an artist for a long time.
As I’ve always said, I’ve been a singer for 18 years.
I can show you something else.
To give you better music every day

I train every day and I study music every day.
Looking forward to the next album.

I’m sure all singers and artists feel the same.
If I make an album, I can’t listen to it.
Because I listened to it so much when I made it…

Let’s think about the next album.
And to YouTube, which will start on April 5.

Let’s go back to the beginning and get back to the acoustics.
All songs are arranged acoustically with only instruments and vocals
I will share the story and interpretation of these songs.
So please think this is a time when I can show my voice more

Every Wednesday, I’ll be covering lots of great songs.
It’s not just a cover.
I will learn more about Kim Hyun Joonghwa.

If you have a song request, please copy it to the comments on YouTube.
If I do, the songs you want to listen to
are fine.
I’ll make sure to sing even if it’s a very old
Jazz and R&B trot song…
I’ll sing it my way.
I think it’s the same for the Japanese.

I recommend it to all of you.




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Here is for the day of Sunday 02.04.2023
(thanks for the transcription to 별빛현중
translation Deepl)

This dedication was scheduled for April 2, but the album was released in February and I’m doing the dedication quite late in April.
You obviously can’t realize, but I’m very busy every day.
Yesterday after signing I worked on a song for YouTube and went home.

In the future, in addition to the signing sessions in Korea, I will not lower the quality of my performances.
I think I’ll show you a lot of different things
Even though it’s not a full band, I can stand in front of you on the front of the stage with just one guitar.

And we could busking (singing in the street) and things like that, and that would be fun, wouldn’t it?
I mean, I know, it’s not like tickets are that cheap to see artists now.
So we wanted to do our best
and I forced myself to only do that a few times a year.
But when I put those things aside you still enjoy them
And I’ll make the simplest scene worth it.
We’ll be performing often, so I hope you won’t be too bored.
Thank you for your support.
What do you want to do the most right now?
When I started making music, I was in college.
I often went to Hongdae.
I used to go to clubs and listen to music, but now I want to go to clubs in Hongdae.
I’ll be late this year, but I’ll take it slow.
Please look forward to it
Thank you very much.
Thanks for coming.
Have a good night. »




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… and as the messages that Kim Hyun Joong wanted to send us during the last “MY SUN” online concert of 04-03-2023, only reached us at 5% (and we are very friendly saying that…), we managed to find a tiny part of what he could say, but, it’s better than nothing!

(Thanks to Hollis Hyun for transcription and English translation)

I really wanted to tell you this.
You’re a Miracle, Oasis, Paradise, A Bell of Blessing, My Sun, Shine…”.
The theme of all these songs is hope and love

I have been a solo artist for 13 years.
In the past, I used to dance…
(It’s not that old songs are bad, of course).
but I think I really wanted to look cool in front of the world.
It was like…
I’m gonna smash the world upside down.

It was like…
I’m the best.
Look at my body. Look at my muscles.
Now I have no more muscles, no more muscles…
But I think my heart has enlarged a little.

Yesterday I fell asleep around 2 am.
I wondered what I had gained over the past 13 years, all those years as a soloist.
And there’s something I won…

There were a lot of ups and downs, a lot of pain, a lot of hurt, a lot of joy and fun too.
But if I look at myself today, I tell myself that it’s because I lived all these things,
I make music like that now.

I think music is everything in my life.
Without music, I could not have met my beloved colleagues.
I couldn’t meet my fans,
I couldn’t have created my family
, and I don’t think fans from all over the world would have come to see me today.

For me, music is…
It’s an immense fortune that has been offered to me.
and I will now settle the first act of my musical life.

I will put an end to 13 years of musical stories from today.

Starting tomorrow, a new flower in my life will bloom.

Anyway, I want to make more good music from now on.

Always make music, always study sounds, become a singer who always tells good stories, I will continue to work

What I want to say at today’s concert is…

By the song, by the heart and by a few words, I think everything was delivered.

Until Kim Hyunjoong was here today,
and thanks to you, I was able to perform on stage.

I will continue to perform with your love and I will return here (on stage) with your faith and with your dedication.

I hope you will think of my performance today as,
“Ah, the artist I love has grown to this point.”

I hope you will be proud.

You can be proud of it
Because this person here, whom you love, is unique [number one].






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