The weekly video was published today on the official channel telling us about the shooting of three video clips for the next album MY SUN which will be released in… 5 days!!!

The title of this episode that someone forgot to translate again (NO it doesn’t translate automatically on Youtube!) is:

역대급 미모… 역대급 뮤비…

You don’t speak Korean?

Neither do we, but maybe this video is only intended for the “national” public?! 🤔



We got help from Mr. Papago who usually translates things less oddly than Mr. Deepl or Mr. Google and we got:

The most beautiful… The greatest music video…



Well, for once we have the subtitles right away, that’s already good.

They are in English, Spanish and Japanese. The others are entitled to an automatic translator, and it’s a pity when you know that sometimes a single badly translated word can change the whole meaning of a message you want to convey.

But, the CFO of Henecia agency, whom we don’t know (and who will probably hate us if one day he comes across all the good things said about him…) is making drastic cuts in the promotion budget .

Yes Yes, !
The guy decided not to spend money on translations.

Besides, we can imagine him with his black suit, his tie, his round glasses and his pinched air, nodding his head negatively every time one would like to indulge in a little fantasy!


What do we learn in this new video?

Kim Hyun Joong works a lot and he fights on all fronts.

Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail ” said Leonardo
(👿 the da Vinci not the de Caprio)

So, meetings with the staff, shooting of music videos, preparation of concerts in Korea, setting up of the various demonstrations which follow in Japan… and surely still a lot of other things that he will not tell us and that we will perhaps learn one of these days!

We will then say to ourselves, where did he find the time to also do this?


Today he got up at 3 am, took Art & Matic out, gave the rest of the family a little hug and went to work.

What ?
Three in the morning is not a time to walk with your dogs  or to wake people up and give them hugs? 🤔


In short, we are transported to Ansan Mountain and its wooden paths for hikers, located in the Seodaemun district of Seoul for those who want to document themselves and add this destination to their list of “Hyun Joong Pilgrimages”.

At first to shoot two music videos, but in the process we finally decided to shoot a third, Binggle Binggle.

There, we saw the Chief Financial Officer sketch a tiny smile of approval.
He doesn’t smile often, poor guy, except when he gets burned, so he doesn’t know how to smile anymore, but today he’s happy.

Three for the price of two is good!

You have to understand him, put yourself in his place.
Sending tons of equipment, teams of experts and technicians in all fields, the entire Gemini band and a 32-piece orchestra gave him cold sweats for a week.

Yes, at one point he even thought about quitting because it was so hard to stay up all night, being attacked by insomnia and seeing numbers scroll by instead of little sheep.


What else do we learn?

There will be a long piano introduction for the title My Sun.

Kim Hyun Joong had at one point said somewhere that he was going to play the piano on a track, which is why he was taking piano lessons with Grace Park, but would he already be able to offer us all a piano introduction on this album?

Besides, he shouldn’t steal Bitna’s job, right?
(😈 the CFO would be happy!)



The sequel to this “filming within the filming” will be broadcast next Wednesday, March 1.

The album will already be out two days ago, Monday February 27, but we probably won’t have received it yet.


Piano, violins and other frock coats in satin velvet.

It’s going to be awesome and we think we’re really going to like it!

See you on 27th for the release of the album…












What do we learn

The END of a Dream Episode 21 – The Greatest Beauty… The Greatest Music Video Ever…