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Becoming a father to his son and looking at his father and fans… Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘MY SUN’


Reporter : Jo Myung-hyeon

After debuting in the group SS501 in 2005, he received great love through works such as the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, but Kim Hyun-joong, who went through ups and downs in life due to a controversy related to the parent he gave birth to from a past lover, tells his story through music.

On the afternoon of the 27th, at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, a showcase commemorating the release of singer Kim Hyun-joong’s 3rd regular album ‘My Sun’ was held. ‘My Sun’ is an album based on the life of Michael Collins, the first human to land on the moon and face the far side of the moon. completed by adding

Kim Hyun-joong, who was directly in charge of producing all the songs, directly explained the 3rd regular album ‘MY SUN’ on the spot. He said, “‘my sun’ is literally my sun. I turned 37 this year. Thinking back to the years that have passed, whenever I look at my parents, my family, and my old fans, I think of the sun and the moon. He said about the message he wanted to include in the album, saying, “The sun during the day and the moon at night light us up. Seeing that, I thought I should live with gratitude.”

Kim Hyun-joong is standing on the showcase stage after 12 years. He said, “We are having a meeting with a new album in 12 years. In fact, I wanted to greet you quickly at this place.

However, 4 years were delayed in the pandemic situation, and before that, there was the military, and many things happened. After 12 years, this The place is unexpected.

Being able to invite you here and talk about this kind of thing is somewhat stable in my heart, and I think I have a good sense of subjectivity so that my determination to live in the future will not be shaken.”

This album is an important turning point in Kim Hyun-joong’s 18 years of music activities, from debuting as an idol to establishing himself as a solo singer. He said, “As before, I plan to sympathize with this song and go on a world tour.

If I could do band music, I would be there. I have a strong desire to go to festivals in the future.”


  • As Kim Hyunjoong said, the album ‘MY SUN’ is full of love for his family and fans and comfort for people living their daily lives.

    The title song ‘MY SUN’ of the same name as the album is a song with a grand song-oriented concept that lasts over 6 minutes. Kim Hyunjoong expressed, “I think there are three suns in my life.

    My father, my son, and my fans.” He added an explanation of the song, saying, “The first verse is the father, the second verse is the son, and the third verse is a fan. It is a song dedicated to the three suns.”

    ‘My sun’ also means my sun, but it is also read as my son. Kim Hyun-joong explained,
    “The existence of my son is also the reason why I changed myself. I cannot say that I came out of the world because of my son.”

    He continued, “When I saw my father, the first sun, he protected me and brightened me up. Now that I’m in his position, I think it’s time for me to shine on him. When I tell him to shine on someone, my son, who infinitely needs my energy, I also wanted to include the meaning of wanting to become a person who can give light to my fans who give infinite love.”

  • Photo: Chosun Ilbo Japanese edition photojournalist Lee Dae-deok, pr.chosunjns@gmail.com
    ▲ Photo: Chosun Ilbo Japanese edition photojournalist Lee Dae-deok, pr.chosunjns@gmail.com

    Following the release of part 1 of ‘MY SUN’ in August of last year and part 2 in November of last year, Hyunjoong Kim will release 4 tracks including the title song ‘MY SUN’ in part 3.

    ‘TAKE ME HOME’, a child who used to look at his father’s strong back, understands the weight of life while looking at his father’s back, which has become smaller before he knows it.

    The 3rd regular album ‘MY SUN’ is completed with 4 colorful songs, including the rock number ‘Moon, Sun and Your Song’, and the soft rock ‘You’ll Make Me Love’, a retro expression of the fresh sensibility of the 90s.

    He also told the story of a hidden track that was only released on the CD.

    Kim Hyun-joong said, “Since the first album, I only recorded 10,000 albums.

    In the past, CDs were worth it. I couldn’t give up that stubbornness this time around.” Then, “If you wait for 2 minutes and 27 seconds to commemorate today after finishing track 12, the hidden track will appear.

    The songs included in the 12 songs were put into a song called ‘Shine’.
    ” The time to change into love will come, so let’s feel comfortable with each other through the light’, the last hidden track.”

    On the other hand, after announcing the news of his first love and marriage in February of last year, singer Kim Hyun-joong, who had a son in October of the same year, releases his 3rd regular album ‘MY SUN’ today (27th) at 6 pm and meets the public.