Once upon a time… Forever ago…

It wasn’t that long ago, in fact.

We were new to the entire fanaticism thing and we were curious:

What makes someone a fan?

We can’t even claim that we were coerced into boarding; we did so voluntarily, albeit without complete awareness of the circumstances.

We found that “giving without expecting anything in return” best described what it means to be a fan.

Nonsense! From where did we get such an idiotic concept?

Of fact, even when we contribute without expecting anything in return, we do so subconsciously.

We devote hours to educating ourselves and hundreds of money to amassing a collection of trinkets that will never be used but make us feel good because we can say we own a little bit of our favorite artists.

We want to be loved and appreciated in return for our selfless, often obsessive, devotion.

As human beings, we are never satisfied with what we have, and when we spend our days with someone we admire, we convince ourselves that he knows us too and shares our values.

And even worst, you feel you have the right to tell your obsession that something doesn’t suit you.

At first, you might feel uncomfortable, and you tell yourself that your way of thinking is not normal, but as the weeks, months, and years pass, you begin to accept it as normal.
And you end saying yourself, “What’s the harm?” when you find yourself making excuses for your wrong behavior.
Because we’ve been so generous, we deserve to be rewarded.

Is there anything else we’re supposed to do except show our appreciation by loving a song, buying an album, and attending a concert?

Nobody asks us for more.

Can we use that as leverage to ask for anything else?



The fan culture!

Some people have found it intriguing enough to focus their dissertations or other extensive research on the topic.

Did you know that we are broken down into subsets, with fanboys being labeled as obsessive and fangirls as hysterical by certain experts?

We start off at a disadvantage because the label of “fanatic” automatically marks us as outsiders; this is why some people are too embarrassed to talk about their obsession; after all, our irrationality could pose a threat, and we certainly don’t want to rile up the anti-obsession defense leagues.

Some people still refuse to recognize they have an obsession, and thus cannot bring themselves to discuss it with others and who will only agree to reveal their secret Ingres violin’s whereabouts to other internet obsessives.



Let’s talk about “fan culture” again; it seems that there’s a system for categorizing the various subgenres:


🥀The Troll Fan
A mole that has successfully infiltrated a page or a channel.
Person who uses anonymity to attack the subject of his interest and his work.
There’s no point in arguing with or trying to sway these people away from their negative opinions.
You shouldn’t bother. Being a “breaker” is an honorable profession, and he takes great pride in doing his job correctly.

Especially when he goes into pleasurable convulsions when he realizes he has garnered attention and that he makes everyone sh….


🥀The Hater Fan .
The one who truly hates to their very core.
The one who decides to rot his obsessed life every morning as soon as he wakes up and finds malicious delight in writing insults, hiding behind aliases to avoid being discovered, politely attempting to gain access to your system or account, and often making a very friendly initial contact.

You’ve got the wolf in the sheeppen if you make the fatal mistake of letting him in.

On Youtube, in particular, he enjoys giving you negative ratings and feels bad about not being able to offer you hundreds of them.

Most of the time, they are fans who have reached the end of their fandom journey but still can’t seem to let go of their disappointment that they weren’t given the attention they craved
(😈 take a deep breath guys, get a life, and let others have their own experience).


🥀The Singing Master Fan.
The person who believes his influence is sufficient to single-handedly sink the object of his passion and who, if not told amen, will poison his reputation by invading earth and heaven with “bad publicity.”

🥀 The fan who is having problems following along.
We smile every time we see this guy, and it’s always for the same reason.
Typically, he will comment on things he hasn’t read, and occasionally he will attack other fans’ comments he hasn’t fully digested.

Don’t make fun of the thing he’s fixated on, or he’ll get defensive and start sticking out his beak and claws.

It’s futile to try to persuade him; he clearly has problems understanding… (this makes sense, right? 🤔)


🥀The fan who is truly in love.
You’ll find him commenting and liking (before he’s read) all the content his fixation posts on “official” social networks.

Occasionally, he will comment twice or even three times in a succession.

Sometimes he gets what one calls “acute commentite” and can’t help but comment ten times on the same post.

The overwhelming intensity of his feelings is terrifying, to the point where his obsession’s target checks under his bed every night before retiring.
(One are never careful enough!😱 )


🥀The dumb fan
Who must return to school in order to learn how to compose.
Every time he types a letter of the alphabet, he makes a typographical error, and he also tends to write in coded shorthand.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to school, and cultural and linguistic barriers can further complicate matters, so we try not to poke fun at this one, but PLEASE use spellcheck!!! and Stop using the telegraph format already!


🥀 The obsessive, detail-oriented fan
He will persistently argue his point of view and disprove those who disagree with him.
Dates, locations, and other sensitive information are of paramount significance to him, and he knows everything there is to know, things of the utmost importance… to him.


🥀The conspiracy fan.
The Believer in Secrets
An obsessive viewer of espionage films.
He’s all about that conspiracy theory life.

You can try to convince him you’re not a clone all you want, you can tell him you’re the real thing but he’ll be sure you are a fake,
…and when the clone responds to his comment he think he his the real. Are you following?


🥀The spammer fan
He’s like the hermit crab of social media.
The swindler.
He hosts himself on other people’s pages, gets noticed, and provides links to his own pages.
He can even use the content that others have spent days creating without attribution to market or sell his items.

(👿  Whoever feels concerned… pls stop this immediately!!!)


🥀 The perfect fan.
Well-educated, friendly, and regularly leaves posed, inspiring, and flattering posts on the official accounts of his obsession.
In general, he puts sensitive admirers in their place.
He frequently takes on the role of moderator instead administrators of the official sites.
We believe that pampering this one is definitely vital till he becomes evil and decides to become a fan hater.


These 10 categories of fans are based on an existing study, but there are undoubtedly many more.

Some obsession states have more severe consequences, such as the one reported by a husband who writes to you, believing you to be the official spokesperson of his wife obsession, to complain that he is tired of seeing an empty refrigerator because his wife  is spending all the household money on cards and other gadgets from scammers.


Recently, we’ve identified a new variety of fan whose behavior has less dramatic repercussions, but can still be harmful and significantly detracts from the general atmosphere.


🥀The pitiful fan.
We refer to him as the RAMBO fan because he comes to the planet’s rescue to save it.

The individual who scrutinizes every look, smile, and tear of his obsession and creates mental films regarding the state of his sanity and finances.

The type of fan who believes that the object of his obsession is miserable, experiencing financial difficulties, and will be unable to stand on his own if no one steps in to help him.

To demonstrate his concern, he is willing to play the role of a whistleblower and conduct exhaustive research on the condition of concert ticket or album sales for his obsession.

Since he is tired of moping around alone, he attempts to bring others’ attention to his imagined problems in order to establish a mutual consolation group.

When you are unhappy in your life,  you would like the rest of the planet to be in the same situation as you.


Sadder than the grief you think you see in the eyes of a person you used to admire is when your affection or admiration turns to pity.

So let’s stop making drama right ?




Do you identify with any of these categories of fans?

Obviously, ourslves we’ve gone through various phases…
(But we won’t confess anything to you so as not to get in trouble with the anti-obsession defense league.)


Promise that one day we will tell you a more engaging story.

The one concerning the various phases of fanaticism.


If we’re still intact🤔

Have a wonderful week.😘