This week Kim Hyun Joong offers us a cover of the song For lovers who hesitate” by JANNABI.

Want to know a little more about JANNABI ?


(Source WKP)

JANNABI is a four-member South Korean indie rock band formed in 2012.
Originally they were only 3 and at one point were 5 members.


Jannabi was nominated in the category of “Best Modern Rock Album” at the Korean Music awards in 2020.


The group won the “Song of the Year (Daesang)” and “Best Modern Rock Song” awards at the 2020 Korean Music Awards for the song For Lovers Who Hesitate, which is today covered by Kim Hyun Joong.


A famous Korean music critic reportedly wrote on this occasion that Jannabi with the song “For Lovers Who Hesitate”, the main title of their album entitled Legend,
“has opened a new way in Korean pop music this year”.


The influences of the group Jannabi are: Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Sanulrim (Kim Chang-wan) and the Beatles,
and they are more in the category of “Group Sound” rather than “Band”/Group.

[Group sound (or GS) is a Japanese rock music genre–a fusion of Pop Tune and Western rock music–]


As an independent band, Jannabi writes, composes and produces their albums themselves.


Since their begining in 2012, out of respect for the “rules”,  the number of copies of their albums is limited.



… and this last information above is the most important of the day…

When an artist creates his own label and manages to free himself from the constraints of the showbiz industrialists, he certainly knows the “rules” to respect in order to be able to continue to practice his profession and finally make the music he likes.

For most, it’s not as if they didn’t already know about fame and celebrity

Dreaming of selling millions of records is like  playing to win the lottery; everyone wants to.

While waiting to win the lottery (and thus to sell millions of records…) we continue to try to live our life as well as we can, don’t we?

Even if an album is (only) printed in 10.000 copies,  FREEDOM has no price.





Text of this song:

My mind is easy to read

You can also read through it

A lonely heart that cannot be soothed

Stay a while before you go

Before you go, leave a lingering feeling that will last for me

Love, show me love

If I can, if I can only

I’ll shine a bright light on you

Then, when night comes

We’ll carve our own secret

I place a bookmark on the night that will become memorable, and open it without anyone knowing

I can’t throw away my growing heart without looking at it

Even if that day comes again one day

I know the heart that blossoms and falls, and the season that returns too

Despite everything, my love has the same dream

Hurting because I miss you is better than having lingering feelings because the embrace I’m rushing toward is burning.

So when the night comes

We’ll carve our own secret

I place a bookmark on the night that will become memorable, and open it without anyone knowing

Let’s not rush

As we stand face to face, let’s step back and say goodbye

I’ll blossom fully for a while before I fall, once again, forever

Despite everything, I’ll never again delay the dream I have