CREDIT PHOTO : Kim Hyun Joong (Vietnam 07-2023)



Eighteenth cover and a feeling of déjà vu.

Or should we say déjà vécu?

We spent a whole winter in a tent, and even though we hate camping, back then we were faithful to our weekly rendezvous.

Admittedly, by the end of the winter we’d reached saturation point.


So, the 18th cover and a recurring question: what’s been done with all the images and all the beautiful versions of the songs from the 7 Prisme Time concerts?
(Apart from releasing them on a Japanese streaming platform for the past year?)

Everyone’s clamoring for a DVD of these concerts that most haven’t seen, and no one’s bothering to answer.
Answer yes, answer no, or answer maybe one day.

Silence as a response to questions is never very nice, but we’ve almost got used to it.

We say almost, but in fact no, can’t be used to it,  because we’ve been taught that ignoring someone is tantamount to disdain, and even if you don’t feel like it, it’s always better to answer when someone asks you a kind question, so putting our pride aside, we still feel like asking again.

Why not broadcast on the official channel, as  did for BIORYTHM, all the beautiful arrangements that a whole team worked on for months?

Do we really need to spend 18 weeks, MORE THAN FOUR MONTHS !!!!! listening to songs by singers we’re not fans of?

Do we even want to?


Here are two songs by DAY6.

We like these two.

Their titles?