Yesterday we wondered if the paparazzi hadn’t dozed off a bit on a bench at the airport and that they had thus missed Kim Hyun Joong’s boarding for the Philippines.

Finally one of them woke up in time to take a picture… from behind.

We always have qualms about posting “live” photos, but we shouldn’t be hypocritical and tell everyone not to watch them, because it makes us happy to know that our favorite artist is good gone , arrived safely, and because as long as it’s not stolen photos in his room or in his bathroom everything is fine.

By the way, in case anyone thinks they have a scoop with pictures of Kim Hyun Joong’s toilets, forget it, it’s already done, the interested party has already offered us some private concerts with showers and flushes as background music and we already know the brand of his toilet paper.

… and then you also have to think of those poor guys, sent by their agencies, who are forced to roam the airport halls day and night.

They were once real photographers, and getting lost chasing celebrities doesn’t have to make them feed their families every day.

Kim Hyun Joong willingly lends himself to the ritual of the arrival and departure photos, it is part of the system and we like to watch them.

On the other hand, being the style to turn our heads when we meet someone “known” so as not to disturb him, we have a lot of trouble with the “glues” that stick artists when they arrive tired from a trip and when they are desperately looking for a car to rush into and return home quietly.

We should perhaps take the example of “the glues”, because to act as we do, if one day we happen to meet Kim Hyun Joong in person we will not even dare to approach to ask him… ask what exactly? 🤔

A signature on a little piece of paper that we’ll hang on a wall?
A photo in 3 seconds that we will look at with nostalgia forever?
A too short exchange of a minute where we regret that he does not speak French or that we do not speak Korean?


In short, they arrived safely in Manila and were welcomed by delirious fans! *
We wish them a great performance and why not a nice swim in one of the superb beaches of the Philippines…

The qualifiers of “Beautiful inside and beautiful outside” being already a little overused, we decided that today’s photo would be titled “As beautiful back as front”, but that too we already knew.



PS: Message for our Filipino Chingu
Don’t forget that Kim Hyun Joong
is coming especially to meet you.
(😈If necessary, use your Uzozin light stick
to make your way to him)