If you thought that Kim Hyun Joong had gone home quietly after the two concerts in Japan, it’s because you don’t know this hardworker yet.

Part of the team did return to Korea after the second and final performance in YOKOHAMA, but Kim Hyun Joong continued his stay in Japan to honor other commitments.

After having first indulged, at the end of each performance, in an exercise of which the Asians have the secret and which one sees only very rarely from Western musicians: to greet standing one by one the happy fans for a fairly long period of time.

This process replaces the signing of autographs and the before Covid HI-FIVE , to which Kim Hyun Joong has accustomed the spectators who came to his concerts or during specially arranged meetings in place for this purpose (fan meetings/ fansignings)

This “privilege” and some others are attached to the type of ticket you have previously purchased.


Thanks to @EKhj0606 @foreversaranhe and @yonyon1103412 for sharing their whirlwind passage in front of Kim Hyun Joong as charming as usual.








Unable to be in Japan on September 14, the release’s day of his single “Song For A Dreamer”, he then promoted it (and sang a capella 🤗) on September 6 during a screening of the Film “VIOLENCE ACTION”

Thanks to ~Yellow/ryo   and @A_GAEUL for these brief images of this meeting with the fans.






Kim Hyun Joong is now back in Korea but he promised to return to Japan in December.

It would be wrong to think that he went back to rest after all that, and it would still be ignoring him if that were the case, because he will still be in promotion and will appear as a guest on MBS Radio for a program called ” Oshio Kotaro’s Press and Play” on September 23 and 24 at 12:30 a.m., as well as as a guest on NORTH WAVE station “Colors Of Korea” [Hokkaido Region]  next Saturday, September 10 between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.



With all this, he probably won’t have time to pack his bags to go to Latin America, but what’s nice about him is that he doesn’t really care what style of clothes he has to put in it🤣

As you see Coolness is his motto.😂



Thanks to @RicoAdu