With a little delay, since the supplier to whom we had ordered the album “MY SUN” two weeks before its launch (KTOWN4U not to name it), was not able to honor our order, and because a month after the release of the album, still not seeing anything happen, we relaunched it and he had no better idea than to cancel the order!

It must be said that he was correct and that he reimbursed within an hour of the cancellation without us having to ask him.

The problem seems to be general, maybe ten thousand copies weren’t enough, and while we understand that when the demand is greater than the supply the bids go up, it’s still ridiculous if it was done on purpose through all these intermediaries, and this process does not resemble the efficient way of working that Korean suppliers have accustomed us to.

For example, FNAC in France asks for up to NINE WEEKS!!!!!!! to have an album.

Suffice to say that you really have to desire a lot this album, but above all, it’s a shame and that means the album is not in stock, so that means theu don’t promote it in any store, and we even don’t ask  it to be presented at the top of the shelf!

We just ask that sellers feature Kim Hyun Joong among other Korean artists on their shelves!

As a result, on the “parallel” market, which on the other hand seems to be working very well, we find albums for sale proposed to be shipped from the United States !

Sacred detour, the ecological footprint definitely takes a hit!

In short, the time to receive a new order, we are now pleased to announce the names of our five “winners”,

…and no, no one had the obligation to answer the question we were asking, namely: what other Kim Hyun Joong song “My Sun” sounded like

Because it was a very subjective question and because what may seem like to us is not necessarily so for others.

Here are the first five people who sent us an email that day as requested.

Aida F. (FR)
Nelson B. (PT)
Sophie S. (FR)
Marie Z. (FR)
Emma (IT)

IMPORTANT: Marie and Aida please check your emails.

The others will receive their album copy next week.
Shipments will only be made next Friday,
(not before because we don’t want them to get lost with another strike this week)


We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do, because even though nowadays we can stream it on all existing platforms, nothing beats having a real, good old CD in your hands, and this one it is wonderfully well wrapped in a magnificent collector’s booklet to discover.