We wanted to translate the lyrics of the title SUPER FIRE to understand what we are talking about.

Translation result?
One of these days one will really have to choose between romantic ballads and furious rhythms!

That said, you can do both very well, but don’t stop yourself from going after what you really want to be… a ROCKER!

This track, hidden ‘B-side’ of the single Song for a Dreamer , is a threesom composition: Kim Hyun Joong and the two boy guitarists of Gemini, which seems to be more or less the norm now, and that’s good because the alchemy works perfectly.


Would we have a聽hijacked mind?
It seems to us that these words have a double meaning and that they are not so innocent as they seem at first glance.

Did the passionate imaginations of three recently married or soon-to-be-married boys surface the day they composed this piece?

As we understand them.
It happened to us too.
(馃槇 a long time ago! )


Maybe what we understood is not at all what they thought about, and since no one explained the manufacturing secret to us, we can only let our imaginations run wild.

In short, to celebrate Halloween we have assembled images in a soft version.

We did have another version in mind, but we held back in case there were minors and very old people passing through here.


If this song was completely translated and sung in English it would be a bomb!!!



We wish you a passionate and loooong Halloween weekend, All Saints Day or whatever you want depending on where you are!



Title : Super Fire
Japanese Lyrics : SNARE COVER
Composers : 路 Kim Hyun Joong 路 Kim Eun Chong 路 Park Jun Hyung聽 & Hun Joe (aka Atom Music Heart)
Part of Song for a dreamer single
Released on: 2022-08-19