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At the latest “Let’s Party” fanmeeting, Kim Hyun Joong broached the subject of small flags, which can be so annoying…

As we pointed out to someone we know (Hello B. 🙋‍♀️) who was just trying to relay Kim Hyun Joong’s message and was met with a few comments of protest, even though these flags have always annoyed us, it’s human nature to claim one’s allegiance.
It’s a way of letting artists (and others) know that they have supporters in every corner of the globe.

In the early days, we too went through the wild phase when we absolutely had to point out our existence thirty times in the comments of a concert, and even though we’ve calmed down since then, we continue to emphasize our affiliation simply by putting obvious signs on our name and logo.

Kim Hyun joong just wanted to say in a humorous way that it was a bit of a pain when he was live on Instagram to find the same requests repeatedly in the comments like, “Kim Hyun Joong, say my name!”

Here’s the excerpt “Emojis and country flags drive me crazy...”


In the same vein, don’t you find it annoying for the people around Kim Hyun Joong, that when they decide to do a direct on Instagram to talk about their work (since everyone has other parallel activities), to find themselves with some of Kim Hyun Joong’s fans who systematically bring the subject back to the object of their passion without really being interested in the work of the person trying to tell us about it.

This happens systematically with anyone who comes into contact with Kim Hyun Joong, so much so that people often end up going into “private mode” or not doing Directs at all.

Even if we don’t understand everything we’re told, it’s not difficult to understand that these people also have other passions they’d like to talk to us about.


Miss Grace Park did a short and sweet Live recently on Instagram.

She talked about the Raoul Dufy exhibition she had attended (*)

…and announced that his band’s album would soon be released.

She also played her piano for us, and you don’t have to be a genius to understand that asking only for Kim Hyun Joong’s music can show a lack of interest in what the person is trying to communicate to you, right?

But as Miss Grace is extremely kind, she kindly complied to please us, and to prevent her Live from turning into a piano Medley of Kim Hyun Joong’s entire repertoire, she acceded to the request to play us a wonderful piece from the musical The Phantom of the Opera🥰


You can fin Grace Park on Instagram  GRACE_PARK29
and on her youtube channel  SOAPTUBE PIANO MUSIC

(*) Raoul Dufy : Commemorations of the painter’s 70th birthday

The melody of hapiness at Hyundai Seoul
130 works at the Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul presented from May 2 to September 6, 2023
Last March, the Centre Pompidou and the Hanwha Culture Foundation signed a confidential partnership agreement as part of the project to create a museum of modern and contemporary art in Seoul, South Korea. The four-year collaboration will feature eight exhibitions (two per year).
The exhibition, whose title comes from the French translation of the film The Sound of Music, features oil paintings, decorative art, ceramics, textiles and illustrations in 12 sections.


The melody of colors at the Seoul Arts Center
Another exhibition by the same painter is taking place almost simultaneously in Seoul from the private collection of Edmond Henrard, from May 2, 2023 to September 10 (cooperation between the Musée d’art moderne André Malraux in Le Havre and the Musée des Beaux-Arts Jules Chéret in Nice)

This exhibition explores the influence of music and fashion on Raoul Dufy’s work in the early 20th century.
It presents the painter’s career through different themes such as landscapes, horse racing, regattas and Parisian life.
It also includes textile pieces made for designer Paul Poiret, as well as lithographs from La Fée Electricité.

For Hallyu fans, the exhibition’s audio guide, available on the NAVER VIBE app, is interpreted by actor Park Bo Gum.
Visitors can enjoy the exhibition images, explanatory texts, and audio guide for free via this app.