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How can I love the breakup, You’re the one I love
Original song by AKMU


What can we say, except that this song is already a masterpiece, so for us, Kim Hyun Joong’s version can only be a masterpiece too.

The voice is still obviously sublime, and once again perfectly matches this kind of nostalgic ballad.

No more nocturnal filming this time.
For this music video – and it seems to us that this is a premiere – an animation with AI illustrations was used, and its combination with extracts from a real rehearsal session is very nice.

Of course, it’s the kind of ballad that takes a stab at your heart, just when you’ve decided that you’re going to be in a happy mood all day long.



You know what?

Like everyone, we don’t like break-ups either… 💔

…and since “the deep oceans will never dry up” we won’t be saying farewell , right?




About AKMU:

Akdong Musician, also known as AKMU, is a South Korean duo made up of Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, brother and sister.
They have been in business since 2012 and were the winners of the second season of the Korean reality show K-pop Star. (source WK)

The album of which this song is a part marked a turning point in the career of the group previously better known for its repertoire of funnier, lighter songs.

Official MV of AKMU.


I deliberately take a few steps back
and watch you walk without me
There’s a void beside you
On the gray road you look back

I knew in that moment
That I can’t leave you
No matter how much trouble we get into
It’s easier to resist than to break up

How could I even like breaking up?
When you’re the one I love
I can’t abandon us just because of love
And feel a heartbreaking pain

If I had to turn back many times…
We walk together on the desolate road
the conversation lacks substance
we look off into the distance, where the light shines

I realized at that moment
that I can’t go any further
Every step brings me closer to breaking
Your hand that I used to hold seems to disappear

How can I love with a broken heart?
When you’re the one I love
I can’t abandon us just because of love
And feel heartbreaking pain

How could I, for your sake
Our love is as deep as the ocean
Waiting for it to dry up will be our farewell