We’re really sorry we can’t give answers to those who’ve been wondering what’s become of us for almost three weeks now, but we don’t want to lose our bet 馃槱

Today we received a message drawing our attention to the decor of the room where Kim Hyun Joong filmed the hilarious quiz where he tried to guess the titles of his songs just by listening to the first note.

We often tend to see subliminal messages or signs aimed directly and personally at us in the words, deeds or gestures of the artists we follow.

A background flanked by no less than two Eiffel Towers and a sketch of a Matisse painting are just fashionable decorative elements that refer to France, but if it makes you feel good to think it’s a particular message, that’s okay, right?

To moderate our overflowing enthusiasm, we point out that we also distinguish what appear to be 2 nutcracker figurines representing English wooden soldiers and a representation in a miniature reproduction, of a cedar tree from Lebanon, should we also consider these elements as a special thought destined to Lebanese and English fans?

In any case, this video passage from the meeting with fans was very funny, and the mimicry of Kim Hyun Joong trying to guess his songs, wearing a host of accessories,聽 is just too cute.