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Kim Hyun Joong’s voice when he sings in English is just as clear as when he sings in Korean, and less sharp than in Japanese, no doubt due to the intonations of the language.

This week’s cover is Coldplay’s Yellow, and we may be wrong, but it was the song Kim Hyun Joong was rehearsing in one of his Instagram posts a few weeks ago:


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We were delighted to discover Korean and Japanese artists through the first covers, but lyrics sung in a universal language like English open other doors, and save us from spending hours trying to understand the meaning of a song and finding a translation that isn’t always correct.

For this second cover of a song in English, it seems to us that the accent has improved again.
(😈If this keeps up, we’ll be ashamed of our rudimentary English).

We like Coldplay a lot, but out of all the band’s repertoire, Kim Hyun Joong has chosen a song with a message that’s not very easy to carry, because according to some, Yellow’s lyrics are about the illness and death of the mother of one of the band members.

Talking about death is unfortunately still taboo for many people.
We prefer to avoid the subject and put it off until one day we find ourselves suddenly confronted with it, even though we haven’t prepared ourselves for it.

If this is indeed the subject Coldplay is addressing in this song, the meaning of the lyrics takes on an even more beautiful dimension than might be understood on first reading.

Kim Hyun Joong isn’t normally old enough to deal with this subject, if there is an age for it, but he must have been led to think about it earlier than the average human being, because we realize that he often talks about the departure and disappearance of loved ones.

Perhaps wrongly so, but we place this choice of song in the continuity of the story he told us during the meeting with fans and after singing Farewell.



“Goodbyes” are part of our lives, and we need to find a natural way to talk about them,
…. before our skin and bones turn into something beautiful and shiny that will reach the stars.