We often receive messages that we know are not intended for us.

Before, we would probably have advised senders to send them directly to the recipient through an “official” way; now we won’t.

Because in fact, some messages arrive here as a last resort, having already been sent unsuccessfully “elsewhere”.

One of them made us think (more than usual) and we want to bring out this page written not so long ago.



Once upon a time…
Forever ago…

It wasn’t that long ago, in fact.

We were new to the entire fanaticism thing and we were curious:

What makes someone a fan?

We can’t even claim that we were coerced into boarding; we did so voluntarily, albeit without complete awareness of the circumstances.

We found that “giving without expecting anything in return” best described what it means to be a fan.

Nonsense! From where did we get such an idiotic concept?

Of fact, even when we contribute without expecting anything in return, we do so subconsciously.

We devote hours to educating ourselves and hundreds of money to amassing a collection of trinkets that will never be used but make us feel good because we can say we own a little bit of our favorite artists.

We want to be loved and appreciated in return for our selfless, often obsessive, devotion.

As human beings, we are never satisfied with what we have, and when we spend our days with someone we admire, we convince ourselves that he knows us too and shares our values.

And even worst, you feel you have the right to tell your obsession that something doesn’t suit you.

At first, you might feel uncomfortable, and you tell yourself that your way of thinking is not normal, but as the weeks, months, and years pass, you begin to accept it as normal.
And you end saying yourself, “What’s the harm?” when you find yourself making excuses for your wrong behavior.
Because we’ve been so generous, we deserve to be rewarded.

Is there anything else we’re supposed to do except show our appreciation by loving a song, buying an album, and attending a concert?

Nobody asks us for more.

Can we use that as leverage to ask for anything else?



The answer to this last question is YES, we have the right to want other things.

When you knocked on doors that remained tightly closed and you tried to enter through all possible windows with no more success, you only have one solution left: climb the walls!

But at this point you are advised to stop for two minutes and ask yourself if what you aspire to really deserves so much effort on your part?

You will probably come to the conclusion that it is not the case.

If you have trouble convincing yourself of this, just tell yourself that your first idea is always the right one, and that you should never end up accepting and finding normal situations that are not.

Because you too, you deserve a little consideration and respect.





HN, IM, and BF, we hope this answer works for you…
The comparison between a donkey and a racehorse, while exaggerated, was funny.
Consider that you have bet on a super racehorse, it’s just that
unfortunately your horse is not in the right equestrian stable.