When Time Stopped – 2018
Release date : 2018
Role: Monn Joon Woo One of the theme songs for this series, Just For My Love is sung by Kim Hyun Joong

Other title That Time when time stops / At the moment
KBS series in 12 episodes Director Kwak Bong Chul

Synopsis :
A man who can stop time meets a woman who is not affected by this talent. Moon Joon Woo is a person who appears ordinary, except that he can stop time. His special ability leaves him alone and he finds no meaning to life. When he needs a place to live, he moves into basement belonging to the owner of the building, Kim Sun Ah. Kim Sun Ah is a girl that works hard, has financial difficulties and who seems to be happy with her life but who is actually struggling to repay her father’s debt.
Joon Woo observes that when he stops time, Sun Ah is not affected. With dazzling Sun Ah at his side, can the lonely Joo Woo begin to find a meaning to his existence?