The weekly episode was released today on the official channel, which shows us the shooting of an upcoming music video with young actors, presumably with “Drama” style scenes.

You’ll make me love you
The title alone could inspire a screenwriter.


We were doubly mouth watering because on the Instagram account of @_h.seo__ a very beautiful photo was also unveiled.

Well, we think that Miss HYUN SEO may have spoiled a bit (voluntarily or involuntarily we don’t know and we don’t care after all), but we can’t help but show it so much this photo makes us can’t wait to see the outcome of what looks like the filming of yet another music video.

Miss HYUN SEO is a violin virtuoso and we will surely know a little more about her in a short time, but for now all we can say is that we like enormously what we see in this photo.

The Beauty and her violin and Handsome in a black Old West or 19th century frock coat à la Zola.
Black inner jacket and long pants, white shirt and a bohemian-style necktie.
The all a bit gothic.

All that’s missing is the top hat, we hope placed somewhere not so far.

This is all we like !

There, we are really boiling with curiosity.



Filming of the music video for the song 날사랑하게만들거야

You’ll make me love you