Time really flies too fast.

It has been three years already this March since we first met Kim Hyun Joong.

That day we passed him without stopping.

It must be said that we have been immersed in Anglo-Saxon culture since our earliest childhood, so an Asian singer who comes to shoot a video clip on a bridge in Paris, even if he had the bright idea of ​​putting in subtitles in French on his video, we found it very original but… blah!

However, you must have already noticed that Kim Hyun Joong is a tacky style guy, right?

He doesn’t do it on purpose, it’s innate to him.

He sneaks into your life, hangs on, invades your house with his personal belongings, gets hated by your dog who doesn’t understand why this guy makes you spend so much time in front of a screen, in short, you have a lot of hard to get rid of him.


Then we meet him again a few days later at the Jardin du Luxembourg…

…since we are still trying to understand why did we stop that day to watch it?


In fact, we rather stopped to listen to it, because as for the image, we cannot say that at the time he was in conformity with the norm of our standards; to reach a Brad Pitt in our scale of male beauty values ​​was really setting the bar too high.
(👿 Huh? Wasn’t it more like Gerard Butler the bearded man from the Opera?)


But that voice and that song ” Four Seasons”

This tune of music so nostalgic and so sad.
His look even more nostalgic and even sadder.
It must be said that at the time of filming he must not have seen life as rosy every day…

We can’t help it, we’ve always wanted to comfort a guy who’s sad, so we definitely and permanently got lost in that park.

Well, there are ups and downs like in any relationship, and despite several attempts at separation he continues to cling to us (or would it be the opposite? 🤔)

Lately he seems to be reborn and has become more independent, but it took a while to get there.
It must also be said that he had a long way to go, but he did it, patiently, thanks to his will, his work, his family and surely a little bit thanks to his fans.

We are very proud of him, but not because he is finally seeing the fruits of his talent and recognition for his efforts, something we never doubted.

We are very proud of him because he now feels confident enough to stand tall, smiling, breathing happiness in front of a horde of fellow countrymen journalists.

As Talleyrand, and more recently someone we know who will recognize herself, would say: ” behind every great man, there is a woman”.

We want to rectify this sentence and say that ” behind every great man, there is a (great ) woman”.


Well done Madam.

Be well and enjoy every moment.

Because time flies too fast…