Kim Hyun Joong left Korea this morning to go to his commitments in Japan and the next 4 days will be very busy for him.

We have images of what we call TV People, and we don’t like stolen images very much, but these seem to have been ‘agreed’ and somehow they are also a bit of a price for fame.

Here are images of Kim Hyun Joong leaving Incheon Airport.

After a last greeting to the fans present, always so considerate, he worries for the safety of a videographer…

Funny, Kim Hyun Joong who doesn’t seem to know what to do with both hands
(🤣 where did his document pouch go?)







We also have photos posted by Kim Hyun Joong himself upon arrival at NARITA airport in Japan.

Two and a half years after his last visit, he’s back and that makes him happy.

Did you expect to see him rush into a limo?

Well, our star took a seat in a coach, like ordinary mortals,

Talented, handsome, humble and down to earth, that’s also why we admire him.