Well, we’ve been looking since two hours, for an adjective to describe Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance this morning on the Japanese show NICOLIVE.

Sorry, but there’s only one that keeps coming back: SEXY!!!!!

Excessive grace and jaw-dropping sex appeal.

A natural and sophisticated sensuality, with a touch of benevolence and kindness towards everyone, which inevitably makes it even more irresistible.

We could stay for hours watching the friendly Mr. NICO questioning Kim Hyun Joong without understanding a single letter of his Japanese  alphabet, and without knowing exactly where he is going when he makes him do laboratory experiments.

It doesn’t really matter at all, because all you know is you find his look…


(Sorry Madam)



Here is a small summary of the show (average reception quality and with a lot of cuts, sorry).

The first part (at the end of our edit) where Kim Hyun Joong sang accompanied by the three GEMINI boys was free, and the second only for subscribers.

We were treated to versions of songs in Japanese for the most part, which delighted the fans on the spot and made us think that in addition to being SEXYYYYY!!!!!!!!!  Mr. Hyun Joong does not always tell the truth.
Didn’t he say during a LIVE that he couldn’t remember the lyrics of his songs in Japanese?

Kim Hyun Joong has also engaged in an activity that perhaps for some, seen from here, may seem a little strange, that of a demonstrator of gadgets and other supplies, but since he does not only make music, from time to time he also pulls out his entrepreneur cap.



and since we are talking about light sticks and other goodies

STOP ASKING FOR REFUNDS from those that have peeled off!

Bank charges are higher than the gadget itself!

Buy another since the problem has been solved!

Do you think that they have nothing else to do in the korean office ? 😤


Well, we want these bags for shopping…

Delivered in person by the brand representative please!





If you want to subscribe to watch the whole show it’s still available for a while, but make sure the channel
won’t charge you twice ☹

REGISTER/ SUBSCRIBE https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv338290660


Extract from NICOLIVE’s show – on the K-POP LIFE channel   we credit and thank of course.

Kim Hyun Joong NicoLive Jp.mp4 (vimeo.com)