You will appear, throwing on the vast Universe
Infinite Love in an infinite smile!

The World will vibrate like an immense lyre
In the quivering of an immense kiss !

The World is thirsty for love : you will come to appease it

A. Rimbaud

Today we are poetically inspired.

Don’t you think that this extract of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem fits perfectly with the person of our favorite artist?


Those who follow our Instagram account may have already realized, the song TAKE ME HOME from Kim Hyun Joong’s new album is obviously our obsession.

It didn’t have the same effect on us as Farewell from the previous album “A Bell Of Blessing” but almost.

It is true that we still wonder what happened that day for Farewell.

Everything was going well.
We weren’t especially depressed.
We had not been dumped by our guy either.
We understood absolutely nothing of the song’s lyrics,
…and yet we still found ourselves whining like crazy for a week.
(😈 more than when their guys dump them, it wasn’t pretty to see…)


Kim Hyun Joong jokingly  (or not?🤔) said that he expects 10 million views on his new music video for “MY SUN”.

Go ahead, he promised that the 606th person to write a comment will receive the first album autographed yesterday live.

We say go ahead because for us it’s not possible. Our comments are not readable since a few months on the official channel.

Our face doesn’t please the robots of Mr. Youtube, or maybe it doesn’t please the person who manages the channel and who put us on the red list, but even banned from commenting it won’t stop us from listening to this clip ⚔⚔
(😈 well done! you shouldn’t have attacked the CFO…)


In the meantime we did some home recycling for TAKE ME HOME and we hope that this song will also get a nice official video clip on Youtube.

Because it’s worth,  the 10 million views…



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