Let’s go !
Kim Hyun Joong boarded in the afternoon (in Seoul) for Latin American lands.

First stop Mexico and no rest, because he will continue with his first concert as soon as he arrives tomorrow 30/09!

To hell with the bad weather in the northern hemisphere, the jet lag and the 16 hour flight, all that’s not going to stop him now.

We wish him a trip without too many jolts.



Always friendly with the reporters who are on the lookout for celebrities at Incheon airport, he got ready for the usual press photos and even had time to chat.


Transcription of  이영원   whom we thank very much.


Automatic translation :

We go to South America after three years and after Corona ended.

South American fans have not forgotten us and have been waiting for a long time.

I will complete the shows successfully.

It’s good. I haven’t been to South America for that long.

I will eat South American food and meet South American fans.

I am very impatient; I had a beautiful dream yesterday.

Yes, it will be fine…