Second teaser for the release and streaming presentation [showcase] next Monday, of the MY SUN Album.

Twenty seconds that give us a glimpse of the flagship song of the album MY SUN, and what a glimpse!

It’s true, we already liked it before listening to it, but if we didn’t like it, we would have told you so too, because you know us, don’t you?

In fact, when we don’t like something, we don’t say anything so as not to make a fuss.

So, (because we like it 😊) we’re going to tell you something else …

A little  intonation of this new song chorus  we listen to,   reminds us a lot, just for a fleeting space of 3 seconds, another very beautiful song by Kim Hyun Joong. Not you ?

It’s good to have a recognizable style and make songs that look alike, it’s not plagiarism, is it? 🤔

Guess what other track this chorus reminds us of…

The first 5 to answer will win a CD of the album MY SUN as soon as we receive our order.



Answers by email to: before Monday 02/27/2023 at 9 a.m. (French time)

Only people with a shipping address based in the EEC are eligible to participate.


Sorry for the others.
We like everyone but we want to avoid you having to pay import taxes upon arrival, which would cost as much as the CD itself.

We are waiting for your answers…


...And for this so beautiful new song ! 🌞🌞



(😈 A little confidence:
Firstly: beware when you don’t hear them it’s not a good sign at all…
Secondly: it’s a lie, this story of loving everyone…)