Kim Hyun Joong continues his promotion in Japan, and we have a little trouble following him so much  he is everywhere at once.

Do not hesitate to correct us.

If we have followed everything correctly:

💥 On March 13 he was at: Osaka- Shinsaibashi HMV&BOOKS SHINSAIBASHI

💥 On March 14 he was at:  Tokyo -Shibuya HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA

and again at the Talk Shows:
“Kim Hyun-jun ‘Hana-ro’s Special Talk Show’
“Kim Hyun-jun’s Hwa-ro’s Release Memorial Hall”

Lalaport Toyosu Seaside Deck

Thanks to the lucky Japanese fans we can see lots of short videos of his appearances, on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

We have compiled some excerpts more or less chronologically

Thank you very much to :


Other good news, as you probably know, the music video for Kim Hyun Joong’s new Japanese single was released today and can be seen on the Youtube channel of HENECIA’s Japanese “subsidiary company”, Henecia Music.

The title of the song is translated differently depending on the automatic translators we use, and we were waiting for the release of the official video to know the correct name of this single, but, guess what, someone must have estimated that all the planet must speak Japanese, or maybe the single with these different packages is only meant to be purchased in Japan.
(😈our purchases should not count for the ORICON ranking…)

But, we are going to avoid being disagreeable and above all in very bad faith, because a translator who seems more efficient than the others, translated  for us the title 「花路」into The Flower Road, and as this title pleases us, we gonna keep this one.


Also, we have a press release from HENECIA agency which announced today that the weekly episodes of the official Youtube channel were suspended until April for embellishment and upgrading.

Fingers crossed that they may eventually be able to stream Kim Hyun Joong’s concerts themselves, instead of having to depend on mediocre external intermediaries.

While waiting for the redesign of the channel, “Shorts” videos will be published regularly and you have probably already realized that for two days these shorts have nothing to do with those of the mother duck with her little ducklings, don’t you ?

We liked the mother duck, but from now on we have completely changed our bird shop and have reached a much higher level.

We kind of went from duckling to golden eagle you know?

What else to say except that they are merciless!!!! 🤪

We will be forced to file a complaint for aggravated visual harassment (Does it exist? 🤔)

It’s indecent, it’s dangerous, and our opinion,  this man should be locked up at home !



Take a look directly to the official channel because the direct links of the “Shorts” Youtube do not work here yet.