Will we be around in 13 years’ time?

There are lots of things we’re not sure of, but when we start asking ourselves every day the question “Will we still be here tomorrow?”, we can answer the first question without hesitation, and the answer is NO.

We, with our three short years of following an artist, are already surprised that we’ve lasted this long, but it’s true that years go by very quickly, and when you’re having fun, time flies.


We’d like to introduce you to someone.
We know her as KNOB.

KNOB writes a blog in Japanese.

Her enduring admiration for Kim Hyun Joong means that she also helps other fans understand some of his messages by providing transcriptions and translations from time to time, much to the delight of the rest of us.

KNOB has the wisdom and quiet, selfless assurance of a fan who has nothing left to prove to anyone.

We might as well tell you, we don’t feel at all equal to her persistence, and feel like wishing her all the best for the next 13 years.

We wish her to continue pleasing herself and others, even if it can’t be much fun seeing fans come and go on a regular basis.

KNOB asks us to continue following her “lida”, and we promise her to do our best, even if lately we don’t feel much like having fun anymore.

We’re surely missing the little flame that KNOB has.

Because a flame, no matter how small, must first be lit and then nurtured.

We’re sorry, we’re afraid that our little flame will end up extinguished for good…