The teaser for Kim Hyun Joong’s new Japanese single was released today on the HENECIA MUSIC channel (Japanese branch of HENECIA KOREA).

This single will be released on March 15th and as usual it is available in three different packaging/packages:

🌸 Message Henecia Music

NEW SINGLE Kim Hyun-joong “Hwa-ro” on sale

As the production of the music video for “Hwa-ro,” which features on Kim Hyun-joon’s new single “Hwa-ro,” has become a hot topic, the teaser video has been released today!

In the video, both the scene of an MV in the form of a short film in which a young actor took part in the spotlight today, some lyrics offered by Fumiya Fujii were made public, further strengthening the hopes for the song.

The music video will be available on March 15th at midnight on the official HENECIA Music YouTube channel !!

In addition, the release to the public will take place during the performance at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA [Japan] which will be launched on Friday March 17, the date of the special Angkor performance.

“List of different packs of this product Kim Hyun-joon “Hwa-ro””
■ Release date: March 15, 2023

■ Distributor: Discovery Next (HENECIA Music label)

🌸[“Flower Road” Type-A (DNME-0069)]
Price: 2,400 yen (tax included)

[CD+DVD] Digipack Specification 6P Oricom
◇ DISC 1: CD
1. Flower path
2. ャイム

1. The Path of Flowers – Music Video
2. Hwaro’s Special Examination and Makeup

🌸[“Flower Road” Type-B (DNME-0070)]
Price 2,400 yen (tax included)

[CD+DVD] · Digipack Specification · 6P Oricom
◇ DISC 1: CD
1. Path of Flowers
2. ャイム
1. Path of Flowers – Music Video
2. Special Interview and Hwaro Makeup


🌸[“Flower Road” Type-C (DNME-0071)]
Price: 2,600 yen (tax included)

[CD+24P booklet] 24P headline specifications

◇ DISC 1: CD
1. Flower path
2. ャイム

🌸[“Flower Road” Type-D (DNME-0072)]
Price 1,200 yen (tax included)

[CD+8P Booklet] Specification Booklet – 8P Ordinary Briefcase
◇ DISC 1: CD
1. Flower Path
2. ャイム

🌸 Presentation transcript by Kim Hyun Joong

“Because the lyrics are various
Sad or sick, there are also these words in the lyrics.
When you miss someone on New Year’s Day,
When the flowers are blooming,
When you’re tired and want to leave, when you will fall, I will be there.
I hope everyone who feels these emotions will hear them in this song”



Clip with French subtitles