What is Threads?

A branch of Instagram that aims to compete with Twitter.

On Instagram we mostly share photos, but on Threads we should be able to share text instead of photos.

We should, because for the moment this platform is banned in Europe, apart from the UK, which is no longer part of the EEC.

The reason for this? Regulatory problems.
As a result, the application is restricted.
(Proof that when you want to ban content on the net, you know how to do it!)

It would seem that the application has to comply with our famous General Data Protection Regulation, and we mustn’t mess around with our GDPR, which came into force in 2018.

It has to be said that Mr Zuckerberg and his company Meta, which manages Threds, plan to collect tons of sensitive and personal data such as users’ health, finances, browsing history, location, bank details, purchases and contacts in their address books.
(Which they have already been prevented from doing in the past when they tried to exploit data from Facebook and Instagram to develop advertising tracking methods on WhatsApp).

Why are we telling you about this?

Because it seems that a Kim Hyun Joong account has just been opened on this new platform.

Someone at Agence Henecia has decided to capitalise on the news, even if it means leaving the account inactive like the one on Twitter, and only posting to it very sporadically, but you never know it might come in handy.

For us, it’ll be like the account at BILIBILI, the Chinese platform, whose beautiful content only lasts for a short time.
Everyone knows they exist, but only certain people can watch them…
(and they were lucky, all the song lyrics were perfectly translated without having to cry and ask).

But we understand. You have to be modern and try to reach as many people as possible, right?

All the same, this ban on Threads puts us in the shoes of Russian internet fans who for months have been unable to access most of the content on Instagram (even a simple little video featuring music by Kim Hyun Joong is banned most of the time…).

In short, one more thing to deal with…

Since we’re at the cutting edge of modernity, shouldn’t one also have an audit carried out by a real SEO expert, so as to get the existing site off the ground, for which one spend so much time and energy trying to come up with content to put online?

Someone whose job it is to deal with all this, and who doesn’t find words like “generate traffic” and “increase visibility” strange, and we are not even  talking about “boost sales”.

Someone who doesn’t just look at the counter with the number of subscribers but who would ask questions before someone else decided to tidy things up and, for example, remove content with 24 million views from Youtube.


But Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t need Youtube to make a living – he told us so himself, didn’t he?

And after all, why put so much effort into posting great content, when an ordinary video of a duck lasting less than a minute, taken with a mobile phone, gets more views than a video of a professional singer?

That a ‘cooking’ video, even if it’s very funny and of high quality, quickly achieves a higher score than the music video for the main song on an album?
Should one consider changing profession?

Why make the effort if you can’t see the difference between an image artificially produced by a machine and the real image of the singer you’re supposed to be a fan of?

Why waste energy if we can’t recognise and tell the difference between a song by that same singer that we’re following, and someone else’s song that only serves as background music to accompany the images?

Example: “I love this your song and your beautiful voice”…

..when it’s a female voice singing a song of some sort!!!


Well, we’ll stop here for today before we regret saying so many unpleasant things.

Have a good weekend everyone.