During the last LIVE ON Kim Hyun Joong gave us a date of August 17, 2022, the day he plans to unveil the first four songs of his upcoming 3rd album which will have 12 songs in total.

Today, he posted a checkerboard image on his Instagram account and let us know the title of the album, “MY SUN”, as well as the titles of the first four songs that we will hear next week:

´Lead me in your way’
‘Expecto Patronum’
‘The Wall’


As original as ever, the remaining 8 titles will be broadcast 4 by 4, in two more episodes, one in November this year and the last one in February next year.

Don’t miss the first LIVE event on August 17 at 6pm Korean time.



For those of you who are members of the Korean fanclub, you should definitely check out Kim Hyun Joong’s latest message, it is very touching and reflects the essence of what this album will be.

It’s a pity that this message is not made known to all the fans, but after all that’s also why a subscription is required.

We translate the last sentence of the message for everyone:

“He who gives up a dream and helps others to dream is the one who has truly realized his dream, right? “


Our artist has become too wise …