The presentation on Youtube was not live as you obviously realized.

The real live presentation to the press took place at the   Ilji Art Hall of the King Kong Building in Gangnam-gu.

Several videos have been published here are those of TOPSTARNEWS.

They are beautiful !

… and the South Korean press is also starting to please us a lot!


On the afternoon of February 27, a presentation of Kim Hyun-Joong’s third studio album was held at Ilji Art Hall of King Kong Building in Gangnam-gu.


The song’s title and album of the same name, “MY Sun”, is a song of more than six minutes oriented towards the great song, once again expressing in music the realization that what is most precious in its life, namely his family, his friends and his fans.


Also, “Take Me Home”, which includes the weight of a child’s life looking behind his father, “Moon and Sun and Your Song” which cheers us every day with a single track released in Japan in 2020, and ” I love the moon”, which expresses the pure and fresh sensibility of the 90s.



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