Without wanting to push anyone to consumption, we inform you that merchandise has been put up for sale on the official website.


Sovelhead sweaters and “goodies” from the last MY SUN concert .

It’s a pity that the album MY SUN is not also on sale, it could have interested all those who can’t get it at the moment.

As it’s Monday and it’s the day of demands, if we could also find a DVD on sale with the seven PRISM TIME concerts, that would have been very nice and not really very complicated if we want to sell a few DVDs recorded isn’t it? 😊 jeongmal gamsahabnida

(😈 watch out Monday = bad mood) 


Ah, and since we decided to turn into sales reps this morning, 👉  Raftel Cosmetics is also doing promotions on its product range and it seems that the overseas ordering process has recently been made easier.

You can also place your orders here 👉 KMALL24

There is still a second link to a second Raftel account on Instagram but we wonder if it is really reasonable to communicate it to you this morning; you will necessarily be complexed by the collection of good looks that advertise the virtues of the range


® Sovelhead and ® Raftel are registered trademarks belonging to the Henecia group.




PS: For those who wonder if the photo
of the colored bitch in the header is our portrait, the answer is no.
We look more like the second lady in black.
(of course before using Raftel
cosmetics, we would like to specify it...)