A last little reminder of how to buy your ticket to attend the show next Saturday at 7 p.m. (Korean time), noon in France.

This time the provider MY MUSIC TASTE has been replaced by TICKETLINK.

Well, TICKETLINK seems to be more specialized than the previous service provider in ticket sales and less in events direct online broadcasting (Real-Time Broadcasting events).

Few concerts are broadcast live on this platform but we have just given it a try and after attending another (very nice) event, we can attest that everything went very well.


Here is how to proceed, for those who do not yet have a ticket:

1/ Go to the following link:  https://www.ticketlink.co.kr/global/en/linkon/product/43720


2/ They will ask you first if you want an environment in English or in Spanish.


3/ First of all register as in any site:
(do not lose your identifiers!)


4/ Then choose the online event
(note there is another option but it is for people who want to attend the show on site)




5/ A payment window will open –PAYCO–
There is no possibility to pay by PAYPAL as on MMT.
You have to pay with your Visa card (44,000 KWR) about 40 €
For this step and the registration step, take a translator –Papago for example– some words are not translated, make sure you understand everything before validating anything (as for any site)



6/ On concert’s day connect to the same link, and press the tab with the inscription Live LINKON




Everything will then go very well, but to really have all the chances on your side, continue to make prayers to your favorite deity.

It would be a shame to miss the dancing comeback of your favorite artist, wouldn’t it?

That glowing look!
Have we put on little brightening lenses today?🤔

Kim Hyun Joong looks fabulous in the teaser that follows and it’s really unfair to others the way he has to taunt us.

In Korea they had probably invent clocks that go back in time and don’t want us to benefit from their discovery😔




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