When we tell you that this man is a workaholic and only a tiny fraction of everything he does is visible…

We necessarily think, among a lot of other things, of dance and vocal coaching.

His last performance in Tokyo proves it to us.

A whole show, songs and dialogues in Japanese!

Recent but also old songs that had to be remembered.

We understand why the members of Gemini said during the FanLive on February 27 that the preparation of the three concerts in Japan had been demanding.

The three performances did not look alike, and in our opinion, even though we have never attended an in-person concert, they did not look like any other recent Kim Hyun Joong performance.


Apart from the obvious pleasure of the spectators which seemed to be the same at each of the evenings, the quality of the performances went crescendo until the last of Tokyo which reached the zenith.

We are not just talking about these shoulder unveilings, which, despite their brevity, have everyone in awe.

We are talking about the formidable stage, vocal and musical performance of Kim Hyun Joong and the members of Gemini, in front of an audience of Japanese fans who could not keep their legendary cool head, and… to hell with health restrictions!

Fortunately, we live in the age of everything connected.
No matter how much we complain about the social networks that pursue us even in our bathroom, and after all the nonsense that we sometimes see happening there, it’s still so good to be able to open a few small windows and attend almost live such events on the other side of the earth.


We have selected excerpts from the last performance at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA in Tokyo, posted by:

🙏 AduRico #RicoAdu
🙏 @ladycocokhj

…which we thank very much.



📌 A new and incomparable version of HOT SUN:







No, we haven’t forgotten, we ended up with the sequence of the famous suggestive release of the jacket…

The thing not premeditated at all 😉 which lasted the time of 3 seconds,

…and which probably caused an entire two-hour concert to be forgotten in a flash.

What a singer !

What an actor!



NOTA : For those who have asked, MARCEL is the name given by French people to the sleeveless tank top, and of course also a male name.