Very often people who become “famous” even though they don’t have any particular talent, turn into proud and self-sufficient beings, fortunately there are also the others, those who know how to remain simple and accessible despite their worldwide fame.

Mr. Kotaro Oshio visited Kim Hyun Joong and Gemini.

We don’t know if Kim Hyun Joong will be able to be present at the next concert of Kotaro Oshio for the release of his next album, but in any case, Kotaro Oshio didn’t miss to say hello to Kim Hyun Joong and the team during their stay in Japan.

Here is his touching message, which shows the kindness and nobility of a Great Sir.


I went to Kim Hyun Joong’s concert.


It was a loving concert with sound and spirit for his first performance in Japan in a long time.


He told us today especially about Oshio Kotaro, and his surprise performance: I cried.


The stage was very beautiful and the sound of the group too, warm.