Must we really take effort to try to be liked by everyone?

It’s impossible and it would be sad…

Do you realize ?

No one to contradict you.
Everyone have the same opinion as you and make you kowtows.
No vexations.
No surprises.

The nightmare !

Integrate the fact that you cannot please everyone is decide to live in peace with yourself without worrying about the way others look at you.

We have found a very personal method.
We start from the principle that no one loves us (while dreaming of being loved by everyone 😂), after that we can only discover people and sometimes have very nice surprises.

Everyone has their own way, and there’s obviously a line between not liking someone and trying to destroy his reputation.

Kim Hyun Joong talked about it a bit during his last showcase.

Ah! The showcase.

We don’t know how it was organized, nor do we understand the translations of what was said to the press and which is broadcast here and there on the internet, but we really appreciated the method.

We have the feeling that someone has decided to take “the bull by the horns” and proceeded to a general convocation of the press, to tell them:

This is what I am now, you have to accept me like that.
I don’t try to please everyone.
Stop me off with the old stories,  take an interest in my future.


Well, apparently some still have a lot of trouble but we still notice a clear improvement.


Attention automatic translation…

‘Interview’ Kim Hyun-joong (Leida), attitude towards the general public with his back turned… “I will go step by step. I think it is impossible to have everyone on my side .”

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong came into the world with music.
On the afternoon of the 7th, a press conference was held to commemorate the release of Kim Hyun Joong’s 3rd album “MY SUN” at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
‘MY SUN’ is an album based on the life of Michael Collins, the first person to land on the moon and see the dark side of the moon.

That day, Kim Hyun Joong said, “This is a song for my father, my son, and my fans.
The last verse 3 is to thank the many people who have always supported me and given me strength. strength.
“I will protect the other three SUN, so take a break’.”

He continued,
“When I looked at my father, he always looked at me and became my strength.
Now that I’m standing in their place, it’s time to shine that person’s light.
This is what my SUN, which needs my energy infinitely, was able to do.
And to my fans, I’ve come this far with your light in my hands, so this time I’m giving that light to you.
I want to be a giver.”

Kim Hyun Joong, who was holding a press conference for the new album for the first time in about 12 years, said, “
Actually, I wanted to greet you earlier at a place like this.

There were various things to do.

I think I have a subjective opinion that I can live in the world with some degree of stability now.

“I planned to do an album like before, sympathize with them (?) and do a world tour.

I think there will be a lot of activities in Korea centered around performances.

I sincerely want you to hear good songs. »


In 2014, Kim Hyun Joong won the assault case against his former ‘fiancé’, and in 2015 he won the lawsuit over his [first] biological child for which lasted five years. 

In 2022, he married a non-famous woman and gave birth to a boy in October. In 2017, there was even a drink-driving problem.

(Translator note: he really couldn’t help the guy, he was itching and he had to go
and dig up corpses because you see, there is not enough news to talk about at the moment)

Ever since Kim Hyun Joong first made headlines, many audiences have taken a negative view of his comeback.

In response, Kim Hyun Joong said :

“Even if I try to persuade all the people who are not comfortable with me, I don’t think they will change their minds.
The world cannot be defined. in two parts. Each has its own thoughts.

There are people who are jealous, people who are envious, etc.

My life would be spent trying to convince them all.
It’s impossible to have everyone on your side”


He continued,
“It’s important for me to take it step by step.
I don’t think I force myself to say good things.
The most important thing is to show what I’m trying to do.”

He also said:
“I want to show you what I try to do singing on stage.
I think it’s impossible to get everyone on my side.
I also showed my passion for the stage. I think it’s is more important”

Attention is focused on the path that Kim Hyun Joong will take in the future.