“I will make you love me” .

🏹 Cupid’s Arrow


No, it’s not a message for Kim Hyun Joong, we wouldn’t have allowed ourselves come on!😏

This is the title of yet another new song, whose video clip was uploaded today, a Saturday which is unusual!

We don’t really like surprises, it catches us off guard and our Cartesian mind has no time to prepare for it.

This one we didn’t see coming, but it’s done, it surprised us very pleasantly and our good mood came back while listening to it.

It must be said that we were obsessed with Take me Home for a few days;  we will have a hard time finding a favorite in all this.


We came to the conclusion that in this album MY SUN, there is a favorite song for every day and for every mood.

Well, there are only 7 days in the week and the album has twelve songs, but you can have a changing mood can’t you?
You listen to a ballad in the morning and a rock in the evening, or the opposite… 🤔

Actually, we thought there would be twelve but Kim Hyun Joong, who has more of a mystical mind, decided to surprise us again with a thirteenth song.

Not even superstitious!
Where other artists stop at 12 for fear of the number 13, he maybe thought that after all the tiles that have already fallen on him nothing really bad could happen to him from now on.

He is right, we like the number 13 too.


By the way, this album is now available at the Fnac and will be delivered on March 10th (65€)

We should have waited to buy it in France because our package from Japan must be stuck at the customs!

Be patient we promised to give away 5 albums you will get them.




Did you see that?

We’re trying to make conversation, and talk to you about everything but this morning’s concert broadcast.

(😈 Don’t stick around today…)



How about listening to this beautiful song without moderation?

Getting loved before the night is over” is going to be a bit of a stretch,…. 🤔

(😈 Yeah it sucks, you’d better  go out and meet people for that…)





I will make you fall in love with me

The words I’ve wanted to say to you for so long: I love you.
The way you always looked at me I guess it wasn’t love I guess it wasn’t me
The way you look at my friend
Even though I knew it, I was always by your side, just in case, I was.

The moment I saw you, the whole world changed.
Can I hear your heartbeat when we meet
You know, sweetheart, why don’t you know?
I’m still not good enough for you, look at me.
I’ll make you love me before these dreams are shattered.

I want to be the right person for you, so I think of you every day.
I greet the morning with excitement and start a new day (uh-uh)
Your ring in my pocket
I think about accepting it
I look at you smiling next to my friend, why(난)

The moment I first saw you, the whole world changed.
Can I hear the beat of your heart when we meet
You know, sweetheart, why don’t you know?
Even if I’m not good enough for you yet, look at me.
I’ll make you love me before these dreams shatter.

La lalalalalalalala La la lalalalalalalalala
I’m gonna make you fall in love with me before this night is over



Production by STUDIO SAPIENS (@sapiens_en)

Cast Junho Jung / 정준호, Dal Lee / 이달, Minsung Choi / 최민성
Model Management GRANBREW(@granbrew_official)

Director 815(@8.15xx)
A.Director jiyoung Kim / 김지영

Executive Producer Seungseok Lee / 이승석
Producer Juyeon Oh / 오주연

PA Soyeon Park / Park Soyeon, Jaehwa Kim / Kim Jaehwa, Jubong Park / Park Jubong
Van Driver Media World

DOP Daewang Kang(@ginkgib) / 강대왕
Focus puller Jiwon Lim / 임지원
2nd Gyeongsu Kim / 김경수
3rd Jaedo An / 안재도

Gaffer Yuik Jung(@dbros_ik) / 정유익
1st Sooyeol Lim / 임수열
2nd Namgi Lee / 이남기
3rd Yeonho kim / 김연호

Art Director Somang Jeon(@somangbox_Art) / 전소망
Art team Minhyeok Choi / 최민혁

Beauty Team Zeki / 이승윤, Zoe / 나정은
Stylist Team Tikitaka (@tikitaka_official_)

Post Production by 少好CLUB(@s.o.h.o.c.l.u.b)

Post Producer Semi Hong(of Sapiens) / 홍세미
Edit Hak-hyun Lee / 이학현
DI Eiseul Kang / 강이슬
2D kyungmi Son / 손경미